Saturday, November 3, 2012

Faith Review

      Hey its Miss Lee Minho, today’s review is going to be a drama that just ended this week which is Faith. Staring in this drama is of course my only soul mate haha Lee Minho. This drama started on 2012-Aug-13 to 2012-Oct-30. I don’t think this drama was based on anything. What I am going to talk about in this review is what the drama is about, the cast, and my opinion on the overall drama.     
      Faith takes place during the Goryeo Dynasty era, it is about this warrior named Choi Young who finds this warm whole thing and goes to the future in 2012. He goes to the future because his queen got cut badly on her throat by people who were trying to kill her. So, the only way she could be saved is by the people from “heaven”. He gets there and of course everything seems weird to him he asks a man for a doctor the man points at a building where they are holding a convention for doctors. He gets there and sees a lady he finds her and gets her he ends up taking her to the past. The lady is a plastic surgeon named Yoo Eun Soo before she goes he makes her take things that she will need. They get to the queen and she saves her life. Young promised that he would take her back he takes her to be the worm whole was at. The king’s gets there before she could leave. He commands Young not to let her go because he wants her to be there doctor Choi Young listens to the Doctor and doesn’t let her go but she ends up stabbing him. She felt bad because she didn’t actually think she was going to stab him and saves his life. Throughout the drama they encounter problems especially with this evil guy and you also see romance between Eun Soo and Choi young. There is also romance between the King and Queen that is very cute.
      The first person and main character is this drama is Lee Minho he played Choi Young who is the worrier in this drama and protects the King, Queen, and especially Eun Soo. I think Lee Minho did a great job once again in my opinion his character was serious and he was able to portray that. He never fails to amaze me. The second main person in this drama is Kim Hee Sun who played Yoo Eun Soo she is the plastic Surgeon who had to go back to the past and live her life there. I really liked the character she played her character at first was kind of annoying because she was just winning a lot but she of course had a reason to. But, later on you get use to it and start liking the character and I felt that she was very cute sometimes. She has come out in other dramas like smile again, My Fair Lady, and many more. The third person is Yoo Oh Sung who played Gi Chul he is the evil guy who wanted to have more things to make him happy he ended up finding out about Eun Soo and he wanted her so he could go to “heaven” with her. He is a type of evil character that at times is funny so you can’t really hate him I ended up really like his character. He has come out in dramas like Kim Soo Ro, Invincible Lee Pyung Kang as a cameo, Swallow the Sun, and many more. Sung Hoon played Chun Eum Ja he was part of Gi Chul group he was practically just a helper trying to get Eun Soo. Shin Eun Jung played Hwa Soo In who played as well part of Gi Chul group trying to get Eun Soo. Ryoo Duk Hwan played the King and Park Se Young who played the queen. If you want to know more of the cast just press this link Dramawiki/ The cast overall did a pretty good job in acting. I never seen them act somewhere else besides lee Minho so I can’t judge their acting that much.
     The drama was pretty good I really only watched it to see Lee Minho and it just stayed like that throughout the whole drama. This drama was mainly an action and historical drama and I m not really into that. But there were a lot of scenes that I liked. I like the parts of the Queen and King because it shows how they meet each other and it talks about what really happened between them. In the beginning they didn’t really liked each other but they started falling in love with each other throughout the whole drama. I loved the romantic scenes with Young and Eun Soo like when she got poisoned and told him to sit in back of her so she could rest on him I thought that was just really cute. The last two episodes really made this drama good I’m not going to say much but I really did like the ending. I didn’t like the last scene though (small SPOILER) because they didn’t kiss once again. I don’t know why but in dramas they can’t ever end them with kissing what’s up with that. I hated how in the beginning of the drama as some of the characters were fighting they used really cheesy sound affects but its good that is was only on the first episode. But, throughout the drama they used really bad blood affects it kind of made the drama look low budget I felt that they could have done something better instead of using that kind of blood affect. But overall the drama wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
     I give this drama a 7 out of 10 monohorns I give it this rating because some of the affects really bugged me. It was mostly action and historical drama many people might like that I just didn’t so it got boring sometimes to me. I do recommend this drama to people if they want to see action it could end up being your favorite drama. I personally won’t see this drama again but maybe the last two episodes ya because I really enjoyed them. That’s all I have to say thanks for taking your time and reading this. I hope you guys leave comments about what you thought about this drama I want to hear others opinions.

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