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Heartstrings Review

Hey everyone it’s me Miss Lee Minho once again. I hope everyone in the U.S is having a good Thanksgiving or had one and I hope everyone around the world is having an amazing day. Today’s review is a Korean drama called Heartstrings also known as You’ve Fallen for Me. It came out in June 29, 2011 through August 18, 2011 and it has 15 episodes in total. What I’m going to write about is the summary, the cast, and my opinions on this drama.
            The drama is about Lee Kyu Won and Lee Shin they both go to the same University. Lee Kyu is majoring in traditional Koran instruments she ends up meeting Lee Kyu Won who is majoring in modern music. At first they didn’t like each other at all because Lee Shin was just arrogant and thought that all girls loved him and just didn’t care about anyone only about his mom, sister and his first love Jung Yoon Soo who is way older than him. Lee Kyo Won starts falling for him at first but she doesn’t want to because he is a jerk and loved someone else. Later on Lee Shin starts falling for her as well and he treats her like the only thing he sees. Throughout this drama you see problems between them both and between the play they are doing which is a big event. They had a freaking awesome cast in my opinion.
            The first person in this drama is Jung Yong Hwa he plays the role of Lee Shin. He comes out in my favorite kpop group CN Blue.  If you haven’t heard his music you are crazy go hear it right now!!!! Hahahaha. He was born on June 22, 1989 he has also comes out in the drama You’re Beautiful which I have seen. First of all he is just amazing I love him, his acting was incredible I love how he just always cares for her when he found out that he liked her.  Park Shin Hye played Lee Kyu Won she was born in February 18, 1990 she acts, models, and sings. She has come out in dramas like The King Dramas, You’re Beautiful, Goong S, and more. I liked how she acted in this drama I felt that the paper fit her perfectly, in my opinion she acted way better here than the drama You’re Beautiful.  Song Chang Ui played Kim Suk Hyun he was born on January 24, 1979 he is an actor, model, and singer. He has come out in dramas such as The Great Seer, Syndrome, Cinderella Man, and more. When I saw him I thought he was very handsome for being in his thirties. I really liked his character because he fought for Kyu Won no matter what and treated her like a little sister. Jo Woo Jung played Jung Yoon Soo she was born in August 28, 1984 she acts and is a model as well. She comes out in Cheongdamdong Alice, My shining Girl, Gloria, and more. At first I didn’t like her character because she had Lee Shin liking her and she didn’t really treat him well but then it’s understandable, I liked her relationship with Kim Suk Hyun though. Kim Yoon Hye plays Han Hee Joo she was born on May 24, 1991 she acts and models. She has come out in dramas like I need a Fairy, Crime Squad, and Supermom that’s it. I hated her character I couldn’t stand her a bit. Especially the way she treated the character that likes her. That got in my nerves so much towards the end I didn’t hate her anymore but didn’t like her either.  Kang Min Hyuk playes Yoe Joon Hee he was born on June 28, 1991 he sings and acts. He is also in the awesome group CN Blue. He has come out in the dramas You Who Rolled Unexpectedly and Its Okay, Daddy’s Girl.  His character was just a cute type of character I don’t really enjoy those type of characters but I did like him. He also did everything for Yoe Joon Hee even though she treated him bad so it made me respect him because of that.  Other cast member are  Lee Hyun Jin as Hyun Ki, Young Im Se Mi as Cha Bo Woon,  Lee Jung Hun as Im Tae Joon, Jung Kyung Ho as Goo Jung Eun , Jang Seo Won as Lee Soo Myung , Shin Goo as Lee Dong Jin, and many more you could check out the rest here DramaWiki/
            The drama I loved for sure but there were things that I didn’t like, not many though. What I didn’t like was that Lee Shin when he was with Lee Kyu Won in the drama he cared way too much for her its good though but he kind of seem like a creep in some points well in my eyes that’s it though. Towards the end I feel that he breaking up with her and the Director asking Woo Jung something could have just been added to the parts when the play was being performed and being prepared for I just felt that the last two were just kind of a waste. But, there are a lot of parts that I like k lets start of when Joon Hee saw Hee Joo crying and he was hearing music so he goes towards her puts his headphones on her and starts crying with her. Lee Shin was at the hospital with Kyu Won and they were outside in the night he tells her not to stop liking him, I just love that part. I really did like the last part of the drama though when Shin and Kyu Won broke up but a year later or more they got back together. I liked many things as you can see and more but that’s all I remember at this moment. I loved this drama this is on my top drama list.
            I give this drama a 9 out of 10 Monohorns I loved that plot of it. It has that romance and cuteness that all girls want to see. If you are looking for something with romance this is for you I totally recommend it in a heartbeat. Check out this drama as soon as possible if you haven’t. Thank so much for reading my blog today and please check out my other reviews. You could see this drama on

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Nobuta wo Produce review

                Hello its Miss Lee Minho today’s review is going to be a Japanese drama. The drama is called Nobuta Wo Produce. It started on October 15, 2005 through December 17, 2005. The drama is mostly a school type of drama. It’s about 21 minutes long so for a drama it is really short and there are about 10 episodes. What I’m going to talk about is the summary of it, the cast, and what I thought about it. I haven’t seen this drama in some time so I might not remember a lot about it.
                This drama is about this girl her name is Kotani Nobuko who is new in school. She is has no self confidence and always has her head down no matter what. The most popular guy in school which is Kiritani Shuji and his somewhat friend I think Kusano Akira decide they could change her and make her more outgoing as well as having a better style. They befriended her and tryed their best to change her but at the end they couldn’t really do it but they realized that they all became really good friends during this process. Even though she still is a bit shy she now has more confidence because of the great friends she made. There are many things that happen throughout this drama. There is a great cast that made this drama as good as it is.
                The cast first start off with Kamenashi Kazuya he was kiritani Shuji he is a jpop singer and comes out in the group Kat-tun. He sings, acts, and as I was reading is also a host I could be wrong or right. He has come out in dramas like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge that I have seen, Mr. Brain, Dragon Seinendan, and many more. His acting is not bad at all he obviously has experience in acting. Yamashita Tomohisa he played Kusano Akira he was born on April 9, 1985 he also sings. He has come out in dramas like Monster, Code Blue 1 and 2, Buzzer Beat, and many more. I fell in love with his character after this drama I had a fan crush towards him. He had this love for Nobuko that I just adored and he acting was great as well. Horikita Maki she played Kotani Nobuko she was born in October 6, 1988. She has come out in dramas such as Hanasakari no Kimitachi e, Atashinchi no Danshi which I seen both of those, Umechan Sensei, and many more a lot more. Her acting is good I haven’t really loved the dramas she has came out in I’m just not a big fan of her in general. Her character in this drama kind of annoyed me  sometimes but she did pretty well.  Other cast member are  Toda Erika as Uehara Mariko  Ukaji Takashi as Kiritani Satoru, Fukaura Kanako as Kiritani Nobuko,  Nakajima Yuto as Kiritani Koji,  Okada Yoshinori as Yokoyama Takeshi,  Kimura Yuichi as Sebastian,  Fuwa Mansaku as Iehara Yasuo ,Takuma Seiko as Kuroki Hiroko, Imawano Kiyoshiro as owner of the Gooyoku diner,   Takahashi Katsumi as Hirayama Ippei, and Natsuki Mari as Catherine.
                My thoughts of this drama are that I personally didn’t like it but didn’t hate it. The main girl sometimes annoyed me because she always had her head down ya I know she didn’t have high self esteem but I still wanted to see her face.  I wish there was some romance between the two main characters because I got the feeling that they liked each other towards the end but nothing ever happened that got me so mad. But, at the end I still enjoyed this drama I loved  Kusano Akira because he had this love for Kotani even though she was really shy he loved her for who she was. I think that’s why I just treasured his character and towards the end he expressed his feelings towards her somewhat. The whole meanings of this drama was mostly enjoying your friends, learning from them, and just always cherish them because they are the ones who are going to accept you for who you really are.
                I give this drama a 7 out of 10 Monohorns because something’s of this drama did get in my nervous and it’s not really my favorite drama but at the end I did enjoy it and I love the meaning of it. If you don’t want to see a drama that’s all about romance and want a break of that this drama is for you. You might love this drama by the end of it so check it out. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Please check out my other drama and some kpop reviews if you do I will love you forever hahaha.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hajimari No Niina By Minamore Koyomi

Niina when she was 11 years old
I recently just read Hajimari No Niina by Minamori Koyomi and I completely fell in love with it! This adorable and tragic manga touched my heart and made me cry as I watched the leads struggle with their past and their feelings. The art is lovely, one of the reasons I was so drawn to it in the first place. Minamori Koyomi is truly able to show the emotions of the characters, I especially love her crying and blushing faces, much more gently drawn than other mangas I’ve seen. Anyway the only thing I think some people may have an issue with is the age difference, which I didn’t mind too much, considering the supernatural and unrealistic circumstances:
Niina is a 11-year old girl who has just moved into a new neighborhood. When she arrives she runs into 25-year old Atsurou, triggering her memories of her past life. In her past life, she was girl named Chitose, Atsurou’s childhood friend and girlfriend during middle school. Sadly, she died at 15 after she saving a pregnant woman from falling down the stairs, managing to save the woman and the baby, but leaving behind Atsurou and her unfulfilled promises to him. Niina, who falls in love with him almost immediately, decides to try and fulfill those promises and heal the wounds caused by her past self. This is why I think some people might feel uncomfortable, which is only natural, but once you see Niina’s seriousness and her love for him, I think you can get past the age difference. She is child-like, yet very mature in certain aspects because she has these memories of her past life and is seriously in love with him. Atsurou cherishes her, rejecting her first confession at 11 with seriousness and respect. His feelings don’t really become romantic until she’s 16 , and by then it’s hinted that he may know about her being the reincarnation of Chitose.
Niina when she's 16 years old
Originally, it was supposed to be only 1 volume, but it has become on ongoing series that is up to volume 3 in Japan and scanlated to volume 2, chapter 8 right now. The chapters in volume 2 center more around Niina meeting Chitose younger brother, who is now an adult and her teacher. Niina sees her old family and is guilt-ridden when she realizes the effect Chitose’s death has had on them. Though she accepts her old memories, she wants to live as herself, not her past self. But the more she sees her family the more she wants to tell them that she was Chitose.
That’s where the manga is up to so far and I recommend catching up (which shouldn’t take too long) and waiting with me for the next chapter in this heart-warming shoujo romance.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


      Hey it Miss Lee Minho, this is going to be a fast review its going to be about BOYFRIEND’S new Music Video JANUS.  This Video came out today November 8, 2012. I really enjoyed this video it is sooo different from other videos they have made and the song as well. This video isn’t a cute video like usual it’s more of a dark video and i lost my love so i am in pain music video. It just so different from what we are use to. But, even though it wasn’t cute it was still great they looked way more mature and grown up I thinks that’s what they are trying to do now. Then title of the Music Video is JANUS which as I was reading the comments they said that it’s a god that has 2 faces. The name obviously goes perfect with the music video because the twins were playing one person. Youngmin was dressed in white he was faking a smile as he was breaking away from his love and the other personality was Kwangmin who was wearing black he was in pain as he watched his love leave him. I felt that this music video was worth the watch I don’t think that any fans will be disappointed as they are watching it even though it’s a totally different style then what they usually do. I give this MV an 8/10 monohorns. I give it this rating because I didn’t like the song that much but I didn’t dislike it though it’s just not personally my favorite song and my favorite boyfriend which is Shim Hyunseong didn’t really come out a lot. I know he wasn’t the lead part of the video but he still didn’t get much camera time in the music video at all. But, besides that loved the video, if you seen it tell me what you thought and if you haven’t just click here and watch it YouTube/ Thanks for reading my review and have a great morning, day, or night.

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Oresama Teacher Review

Hello everyone! This is Seshiria-sempai clocking in ^_^
So today I will be talking about Oresama Teacher, one of my top mangas!
 Um, so this manga is about Kurosaki Mafuyu who is a former banchou who was caught by police and transferred to Midori Ga Oka Academy, a high school where she lives in an apartment alone. When she gets there Mafuyu tries to be girly since she has always been the manly tough girl before and she really wants to change and have a normal last couple of years in school. The story goes onto her experience at school with friends- and enemies- that she makes and of course the mysterious relationship with the teacher Saeki who she can't remember that much but she knows him from back in the day! So, she doesn't get her wish and she gets sucked in along with some other kids to help Saeki with a mission. Its a fun read and I like that Mafuyu is a strong female and that her experiences don't grate on my nerves. To make it better (for me) there is still that love(?) thing that with Saeki that is brought up just enough to keep my lovey dovey self from getting mush deprived and little enough that the story isn't a shoujo but more an actiony teen manga. Hope you guys were interested!
Clocking Out Now,
Seshiria-Sempia \(^_^)/

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Oz Vessaliu
On this fine November day I'm going to be reviewing one of my favorite shounen manga/animes: Pandora Hearts. I loved the anime and immediately started reading the manga, which is currently ongoing. Anyway, let’s start with the general plot:
The series begins with the day of 15-year old Oz Vessaliu’s coming-of-age ceremony. He spends most of the day running around with his younger sister Ada and his faithful servant Gilbert before finally preparing himself for the party. But the ceremony is interrupted by group known as the Baskervilles and their Chains (creatures who were humans at some point but were transformed by the Abyss) they’ve made contracts with. As the guest runaway, they condemn him for the sin he knows nothing about. When he attempts to ask, they tell him “your sin, is you very existence!” before throwing him into the Abyss, his eternal prison. There, while running away from Chains and looking for an exit, he meets Alice, the notorious B-Rabbit. She tells him that she isn’t like the other chains; she woke up in the Abyss knowing she was once human and her name is Alice. She explains that she wants to search for her lost memories and knows of a way for both of them to get out: Oz must make a contract with her, unleashing her sealed powers and allowing her to break out of there. Though Oz is hesitant, he eventually decides to trust her and they make a contract. Oz and Alice wake up in the house of Break and Sharon Rainsworth and their partner Raven Nightwing. All 3 of them are part of strange organization known as Pandora, whose only goal is to better understand the Abyss and the Will of the Abyss that controls it.  They explain to Oz that coming out of the Abyss is complicated and it’s rare to come back to the same time in which you entered. Basically, 10 years have passed since the coming-of-age ceremony. Oz sets out to help Alice find her memories and understand the sin he was condemned of, unraveling a complex mystery centered around the Tragedy of Sablier.
There are lots of questions and confusion in the beginning, but the author does a great job of slowly giving you the answers, having you piece the puzzle together before he shows you the remaining pieces to complete it.
Alice in the Abyss
The characters and their relationships are also quite interesting. Oz having a very friendly, adventurous, and happy-go-lucky attitude most of time, but being sneaky and manupliative when he needs to be. He protects the people he loves and doesn’t want to burden them. Then there’s our heroine Alice who is blunt, pugnacious, and somewhat of a glutton. But as Oz says “she’s kind-hearted and easily cries”. Alice in the beginning is often insecure because she can’t remember any of her memories as a human, but as time goes on she doesn’t seem to mind as much, accepting that she doesn’t remember, but is happy being with Oz and their friends. In case you can’t tell, Oz and Alice have a very good relationship, both caring about each other and wanting to protect the other. Though it hasn’t be said, its implied they like each other, heavily on Alice’s part whose upset whenever Oz neglects her or spends time with other girls, even upset when he spends time with his sister Ada. Anyway, the third main character is Gilbert(Raven) Nightray, Oz’s faithful servant  and  best friend (Technically this is a spoiler, but if you would’ve figured it out as soon as you saw him). He’s the most serious of the trio, though childishly fights with Alice over trivial matters (He’s also adorably afraid of cats). Him and Oz have known each other for years and have a heartwarming friendship, both of the caring deeply for the other. Gilbert’s past is also shrouded in secrets, being connected to Alice’s lost memories…
Gilbert Nightray
Now for the art: it’s absolutely beautiful! Its one of my favorite manga art, being so elegant, especially the clothing! The art starts out a bit rough in the beginning, but Jun Mochizuki gets better and better as the story goes. Mochizuki-sama can really show fear, sadness, and happiness and he’s fighting scenes are rather easy to follow, something I’ve always had trouble with when reading manga. Overall, I think it’s a great anime and manga. The anime follows the manga, but ends around volume 8 before wrapping up. It doesn’t make up its own ending or answer all the questions, but it’s a pretty nice ending. If you want answers, read the amazing manga and watch the mystery slowly unveil.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Faith Review

      Hey its Miss Lee Minho, today’s review is going to be a drama that just ended this week which is Faith. Staring in this drama is of course my only soul mate haha Lee Minho. This drama started on 2012-Aug-13 to 2012-Oct-30. I don’t think this drama was based on anything. What I am going to talk about in this review is what the drama is about, the cast, and my opinion on the overall drama.     
      Faith takes place during the Goryeo Dynasty era, it is about this warrior named Choi Young who finds this warm whole thing and goes to the future in 2012. He goes to the future because his queen got cut badly on her throat by people who were trying to kill her. So, the only way she could be saved is by the people from “heaven”. He gets there and of course everything seems weird to him he asks a man for a doctor the man points at a building where they are holding a convention for doctors. He gets there and sees a lady he finds her and gets her he ends up taking her to the past. The lady is a plastic surgeon named Yoo Eun Soo before she goes he makes her take things that she will need. They get to the queen and she saves her life. Young promised that he would take her back he takes her to be the worm whole was at. The king’s gets there before she could leave. He commands Young not to let her go because he wants her to be there doctor Choi Young listens to the Doctor and doesn’t let her go but she ends up stabbing him. She felt bad because she didn’t actually think she was going to stab him and saves his life. Throughout the drama they encounter problems especially with this evil guy and you also see romance between Eun Soo and Choi young. There is also romance between the King and Queen that is very cute.
      The first person and main character is this drama is Lee Minho he played Choi Young who is the worrier in this drama and protects the King, Queen, and especially Eun Soo. I think Lee Minho did a great job once again in my opinion his character was serious and he was able to portray that. He never fails to amaze me. The second main person in this drama is Kim Hee Sun who played Yoo Eun Soo she is the plastic Surgeon who had to go back to the past and live her life there. I really liked the character she played her character at first was kind of annoying because she was just winning a lot but she of course had a reason to. But, later on you get use to it and start liking the character and I felt that she was very cute sometimes. She has come out in other dramas like smile again, My Fair Lady, and many more. The third person is Yoo Oh Sung who played Gi Chul he is the evil guy who wanted to have more things to make him happy he ended up finding out about Eun Soo and he wanted her so he could go to “heaven” with her. He is a type of evil character that at times is funny so you can’t really hate him I ended up really like his character. He has come out in dramas like Kim Soo Ro, Invincible Lee Pyung Kang as a cameo, Swallow the Sun, and many more. Sung Hoon played Chun Eum Ja he was part of Gi Chul group he was practically just a helper trying to get Eun Soo. Shin Eun Jung played Hwa Soo In who played as well part of Gi Chul group trying to get Eun Soo. Ryoo Duk Hwan played the King and Park Se Young who played the queen. If you want to know more of the cast just press this link Dramawiki/ The cast overall did a pretty good job in acting. I never seen them act somewhere else besides lee Minho so I can’t judge their acting that much.
     The drama was pretty good I really only watched it to see Lee Minho and it just stayed like that throughout the whole drama. This drama was mainly an action and historical drama and I m not really into that. But there were a lot of scenes that I liked. I like the parts of the Queen and King because it shows how they meet each other and it talks about what really happened between them. In the beginning they didn’t really liked each other but they started falling in love with each other throughout the whole drama. I loved the romantic scenes with Young and Eun Soo like when she got poisoned and told him to sit in back of her so she could rest on him I thought that was just really cute. The last two episodes really made this drama good I’m not going to say much but I really did like the ending. I didn’t like the last scene though (small SPOILER) because they didn’t kiss once again. I don’t know why but in dramas they can’t ever end them with kissing what’s up with that. I hated how in the beginning of the drama as some of the characters were fighting they used really cheesy sound affects but its good that is was only on the first episode. But, throughout the drama they used really bad blood affects it kind of made the drama look low budget I felt that they could have done something better instead of using that kind of blood affect. But overall the drama wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
     I give this drama a 7 out of 10 monohorns I give it this rating because some of the affects really bugged me. It was mostly action and historical drama many people might like that I just didn’t so it got boring sometimes to me. I do recommend this drama to people if they want to see action it could end up being your favorite drama. I personally won’t see this drama again but maybe the last two episodes ya because I really enjoyed them. That’s all I have to say thanks for taking your time and reading this. I hope you guys leave comments about what you thought about this drama I want to hear others opinions.