Sunday, September 2, 2012

Idol pretender

Chinami's girl form
Idol pretender is an ecchi manga by Harnse Hiroki. I always have a fun time reading this manga. It starts out with our main character Eita Chinami aiming to be a man among men to impress the girl he's in love with(Yuika). Feeling sick his roommate Oguri tells him to go drink medicine and go to sleep. Getting a bottle that he thought was the right medicine he drinks it and wakes up as a girl. Not knowing whats going on his roommate tells him the only way he could change back to normal is to buy the very expensive medicine again. The fastest way to do so, is to become an idol. Idol pretender is a really goofy and fun manga to read. Seeing how Chinami reacts when he realizes that he's becoming more of a girl each day. Makes me feel bad for the guy but I can't help but laugh at it. Chinami is a very caring and sweet guy even if he wants to be the man among men. He is a character who aims at something and doesn't change his mind even if people or objects get in his way. But Chinami himself is the one who is truly standing in front of his own goal. Chinami's other big problem is Yuika the girl he's in love with. Yuika herself is an idol, who has fallen in love with Chinami as a girl. She questions herself in a couple of chapter but aims to make Chinami fall in love with her. Now Chinami has another thing to worried about. Idol pretender gets a 10/10 I love this story even if it maybe cheesy or stupid the characters are what make me love this manga.
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Usotsuki parabox

Japanese cover to volume 1

Usotsuki paradox is an 18+ manga by Satou Nanki. The story starts out with a young man by the name of Youkadou who's in love with his coworker Seiyuu. Seiyuu is in a long distance relationship but agrees to become friends with benefits with Youkadou under one condition they can never have sex. Coming into this manga I thought she would forget about the whole condition and just go have sex with him in the first couple of chapters but I was wrong. Reading this manga you could see how much the main character is in love but at the same time it seems all he wants is sex. Seiyuu seems like the nice caring girl but at the same time she's using Youkadou for her own selfish deeds. Seeing how the characters are falling more for each other makes it sad because we already know they could never truly be together. At the end you just want Youkadou to find someone else who could stay and love him as well as Seiyuu staying with her boyfriend. Seiyuu is just a chick I want to go up to a slap for being an idiot for agreeing to something that will cause emotional problems for both characters, but at times I want to slap Youkadou as well. What I love about this manga is that it's something that could happen in real life unlike other romance stories were at the end they magically end up together. I'm giving Usotsuki paradox an 6/10 feeling annoyed at times wanting Seiyuu to just leave her boyfriend and go with Youkadou. But also understanding what their going through and relating to their problems. Usotsuki paradox has an okay art style but it's a manga you could relate to if you ever loved someone and knew they could never be yours.
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Japanese cover to volume 1
Hello anime lovers :D I'm undeadwolfgirl. I was a fan of anime since I was small. Anime grew more and more as I started to read mangas. I love all types of anime/mangas may it be action, drama, romance, etc I would read them all. The manga I would like to introduce to you all manga lovers is velvet kiss. Velvet kiss is an 18+ manga filled with twists and turns making you want more and more. The story starts off with our main character Nitta Shin feeling lucky until he finds himself saddled with a sudden, crushing debt. His loan agent tells him he can repay all the debt by keeping a woman company. He agrees to this agreement but finds it more difficult than he thought it would be. Velvet kiss was a manga I came across and thought it was going to be a pointless manga with just a lot of sex in it but I was wrong. It may have a lot of sex but there is a story going on in this manga which is what I love about it. Once reading it you just want more and more. Waiting for chapters was something I had trouble with. Sadly this story came to a end but the ending was an okay ending. I would have love to see my thought of Nitta and Kano(woman he has to keep company) come true but sadly it didn't. Nitta and Kano are two very a like characters but at the same time could be the complete opposite of each other. They are the only ones who could make each other reach higher and higher. I would rate this manga a 8/10 and I want you all that are 18+ to read this manga. Its an interesting manga that makes you think at times but yet didn't answer some questions that were brought up in the story but overall this is a manga that should be read. I'm undeadwolfgirl signing off see you next time.


Volume 1 cover
Hello there. I'm Seshiria-sempai, president (or dictator :D) of this posse of manga fans and the founder of the club. So, I love me some good dramas, anime, and manga. I mostly read shoujo and my favorites are skip beat, the devil does exist, and dengeki daisy. I'm extremely fond of one shots and short mangas but I can appreciate the very long ones as well. My favorite dramas are devil beside you, extravagant challenge, and coffee prince. Another big thing with me is Lolita fashion. I absolutely love it! I'm a fan of Victorian age dresses so the Lolita fashion is great for me. So I guess I'll start this thing off on a positive note and write about a manga I liked. Beast Master is a good manga and I give it a 10. The art is great, which is huge with me because I tend to drop mangas that have sucky art. Motomi is one of few mangakas who can actually draw a guy looking like a guy unlike most shoujo mangakas who give the boys big everythings (hands,eyes) and triangle faces that look weird >.< The story is cute and the heroine is not annoying and overtly girly (gag) and I love that about her. All in all, I recommend this manga to any one, especially beginning readers since its a short series but maintains the shoujo elements nicely and is a good read.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Japanese cover of volume 1
Nadeshiko-chan, vice president of our little club, and I love Japanese culture! And can you blame me? It's the country with a rich history and culture; samurais, elegant dancing( like kabuki), geisha, and beautiful art. Then it also has anime and manga too! It's courageous, brave, elegant, and cute at the same time! I love it so much! Anyway, I’ve read/watched a range of shounen and shoujo manga/anime Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles, Pandora Hearts, Maid-sama, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Kekkashi, InuYasha, Arisa, Mint na Bokura, Alice in the Country of Hearts, and Cat Street to name a couple. Today, I’m going to talk about the shoujo manga Mademoiselle Butterfly, a tale about a young girl name Butterfly, geisha who loves and admires her childhood friend Chinatsu. The manga follows the life of Butterfly as she tries to get Chinatsu to see her as a lover, not simple as a child( Since there’s an age difference of about 3 years or so).The majority of the manga takes place during the World War II era, though there are a few post-war chapters. It’s also a rather realistic manga and a very sweet story and really demosrtates how much the couple cares and loves each other. It’s also one of the few mangas that have actually made me cry, feeling the pain and desperation that the characters feel. It’s a really great manga with loveable characters, a good storyline, and nice art. I highly recommend it. -Nadeshiko-chan :3