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It's Not Like That, Darling review

It's Not Like that, Darling by Nagae Tomomi tells a story of a college student (Maiko Ninomiya) who gets into a car crash the year before and had to get blood transfusion. Lately Maiko has been having sexual dreams with an unknown guy she has never met before. At one point in her day after having another one of her dreams she bumps into the unknown guy that's in her dreams. This guy so happen to be the famous writer Yukiya Nagase. Every time she gets near him or even is touched by him her heart starts to beat fast but she doesn't know why. She follows him around until a little boy bumps into him and he pats the boy's head while she starts to cry. He finds her and all she says is Touya. He takes her to a cafe and ask why she is looking up his personal information. Maiko tells him about seeing him in her dreams but he doesn't believe her at first until she was about to get into another crash and he saves her. Yukiya takes her to his house and shows a picture of him and a girl (Haruka). She notices that same girl help called the ambulance and donated blood. She wanted to thank her but couldn't reach her and he tells Maiko she's dead. He believes those dreams she keeps having are those of Haruka. He then tells her to come live with him and he will take responsibly of her. Maiko now has to find a way to not let Haruka feelings get the best of her.

It's Not Like That, Darling is a very cutesy manga that I had fun reading it. Maiko was an interesting character from the beginning. She won't let anyone mess with her friends and even tries to save animals at the risk of her own life. She doesn't think before she acts but she does try her best to do things she believes is right. She is the one who gives us the humor in this manga. Her trying to resist Yukiya but Haruka is to powerful for her to handle but tries to overcome it. Yukiya in the other hand is like any other male lead. Famous, has a fan base that if anyone gets too near him they'll hurt them and loves messing around with her. He's a kind guy but could be selfish at times. There really isn't anything that makes him different from other male leads in shojo mangas other than he's kind to her most of the time. Touya is a very cute little kid that brings both characters together and if he wasn't in the story it won't be as great as it is. The art style isn't to bad and the story isn't to bad either. The thing that makes this manga worth checking out is because of the characters. It's Not Like That, Darling gets an 7 out of 10. Any fan of shojo would love this manga from the beginning. It's not a very long series either only 14 chapters which I love, it doesn't drag on like other shojo mangas that should of ended chapters ago.  
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Heroes of cosplay episode 2

I may be two to three days late on this but I don't know how to start my next review and decide to talk about the whole thing that happen in the second episode in Heroes of cosplay. You meet three new cosplayers in the show (Riki LeCotey, Monika Lee, and Chloe Dykstra). It's the same like episode one just some cosplayers from the first one don't come out (Jessica, Holly, and Becky). It's still has the same level of annoyance but this episode had more drama than the first. After this episode aired a lot of people started hating on Yaya which I felt wasn't right. Yaya wasn't the one who brought up the whole only "skinny or pretty" (I think that's how it went) people could cosplay it was Riki. Most of them agreed to it and Chloe was the one defending that anyone could cosplay. Yaya in the other hand wasn't against it or for it. All she said is you have to look at you're body and see what goes with you and what does not. That didn't mean she was against it or anything you just have to know you're limit. Some of this may be made up and some may not.

Should it matter what they think? Not really they may be known in the cosplay world but what they say shouldn't bother you. Let them think what they think and just move on. There's no rules in cosplay and no one should get hated for what they believe even if it is pretty messed up just ignore it. Dress up whatever character you want and if that character shows more skin than you feel comfortable with than just cover it and make it you're own. Cosplay is not all about showing skin and being sexy it's all about the fun in it. You could show skin and everything but in a couple of years or so would it still work out? Would people still be interested in you? Who knows but don't be afraid to dress up or be mad just because of what they say. Be proud of who you are and don't let anyone stop you from cosplaying or just starting. 

I do have to say Chloe is another cosplayer I like. She's a cool person that does it for the fun of it and nothing else. They still don't show Jesse much which is a shame. From these two episode he's really the only cosplayer where most of the time you see him doing his costume which is awesome! I may not make costumes myself but might start sometime soon I do love seeing people create their work of art. Even in my first review of this show I still believe there should be more than just one guy. I've seen some amazing guy cosplayers out there. I'm still in the same when it comes down to this show I'll watch it when nothing else is better on.
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P.s. Sorry if I went overboard or repeated myself in the whole cosplay things. I got really into >.<
If you didn't check out my review for the first episode here it is :)

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Nozoki Ana review

Nozoki Ana by Honna Wakou tells a story of a college student Kido tatsuhiko who has a hole in the wall of his apartment room. Him and he's friend look through the hole but can't see anything in the other side. They start drinking and pass out at some point. Kido wakes up and sees light coming through the hole. He then looks through the hole and sees his next door neighbor (Ikuno Emiru) touching herself and she notices him. Freaking out Kido tries to wake up his friend but can't. Kido goes and knocks on his neighbor's door telling her about the hole in the wall. She opens the door but tries closing it as faster as possible but he forces himself in there and lands on top of her. She takes a picture and tells him the only way she will erase the picture is if he agrees to "show each other". He doesn't want to but is blacked mailed to do so. On monday, wednesday, and friday are the days he could peep on her while tuesday, thursday, and saturday are her days. Sunday they take a break from it. Kido now has to follow these peep rules or his life would turn upside down.

This was an interesting manga to read. I have never read a manga or seen an anime that is based on peeping. There's peeping in mangas and anime but that isn't what it's based on. It's an interesting but weird topic that I haven't seen before. Kido is a really nice guy that I wouldn't mind hanging out with. He's not all about the sex. He wants to respect the women he's around with and not look like a pervert. He's character keeps growing more and more after bad things happen to him. Emiru is an interesting and strange character. You could hardly know what she is thinking of and sometimes it feels like she could see right through you. She hardly shows any emotion which makes you want to learn more about her. After a few chapters in I wanted to know if she was always like this or if something bad happen to her. I think she's one reason why I keep on reading the manga and have been enjoying it.

Nozoki ana is a well made manga with an interesting story line. The art style is good and the style fits the tone of the story. The characters fit well together even if they are completely different from each other. Nozoki ana get an 8 out of 10. I get happy when it updates but I do feel it ran a little to long but it's still worth checking out.
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JD Relic English cover of Lucifer by Shinee

I don't normally talk about music but I can't stop listening to this English cover by JD Relic. He is an amazing singer and I just can't stop listening to any of the covers he has done. I first started listening to him back in 2011 but only listened to his covers of Super Girl by Super Junior M and Heartbeaker by G-Dragon. A couple of months ago I stop listening to K-pop and he's covers but recently I got back into it. I started to listen to Super Girl and decide to check out his new and old stuff I have yet listen too. After listening to Lucifer I couldn't stop. I would replay it over and over again and I'm still not tried of it whatsoever.
I did listen to his cover before listening to the original version of Lucifer but after a couple of times listening to he's cover over and over again I finally listened to it. It's a good song in English and Korean. I just wanna learn Shinee dance moves but at time when I sing along to the Korean version I sing it in English instead. Which sucks but I do love both versions equally. JD Relic could make some of the best covers ever!! He keeps the beat the same and yes he does have to change some words to the song but he makes it fit. Here's his youtube channel to check out more of his awesome covers 

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Still Alive and Kicking

Hello everyone! This is Senshiria-sempai (hold for gasps) and yes I am alive and well and feeling very guilty for being non existent on the blog. I've decided to take on the duty of editing posts and therefore be more behind the stage and whatnot but as I've gone through the posts I've noticed that as always undeadwolfgirlhinata posts about everything but shoujo. I know she's not a fan of the genre so I',m probably gonna try to put in some reviews on shoujo mangas and dramas! As a new thing I'm gonna try to post some fashion stuff like lolita, harajuku,and of course cosplay! Hope y'all are interested and stay posted for those things in the up coming weeks. 
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Minamoto-kun Monogatari review

Minamoto-kun Monogatari by Inaba Minori is about a boy named Minamoto Terumi who has girly features that make people think he's a girl. In middle school girls bullied him and made him fear women. Now starting college he wants to change that. He wants to get over his fear and bang every girl that comes his way. That same day his father brings in his new mother. The place they live in is only fit for two people and the father tells him he's going to live with his aunt from now on. His aunt Fujimara Kaoruko is an associate professor at the school he goes to. Minamoto knew she hated men and when they get home she talks to him on how he fears women. She takes off her shirt and he tells her "don't you hate men?" and her response was "I use to". Fujimara Kaoruko then asks him if he wants to be part of her research. In her research she will teach him the ways of love and all the girls that come through their door (expect her) he would make his. She wants a deeper understanding of the novel Genji Monogatari and Minamoto is somewhat like the main character. He agrees and now his journey starts of overcoming his fear and making all those women his.

When I first read the summary to this I didn't get it all that much so I decided to check it out. I wasn't all that impress with the manga but it did make me want to read it more. I wanted to know how the whole research was going to play out throughout the manga. It is a little weird having your aunt use you as research and that research being to screw women. Minamoto isn't a character I like or dislike. He isn't an interesting character all that much because all you every really see is him wanting to screw women. He seems like a nice guy but there's not much of him to like or not like. Fujimara has the same problem. I don't know whether to like her or not. She hardly has any emotions and only cares about her research. She would do anything to get her research going even letting her nephew touch and suck on her breast.
I hope with the chapters that haven't come out yet help give these characters more dimension.    

Overall this manga isn't all that bad. The art style is in the middle and the story line is one I don't see all that much now. One thing I really hate is every chapter except the first and the second are only 9 pages. 9 pages isn't a very good idea in my opinion because you make scenes more long than they have to and are cut off in the good part. At times I have to wait months for a chapter to come out and it annoys me. If you make the chapters so short bring out at least 2 chapters to make people happy. Minamoto-Kun Monogatari gets a 5.5 out of 10. The story is good but the characters are forgettable and you have to wait months for an update and all you get is 9 pages -_-.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heroes of cosplay

Heroes of cosplay is a reality show that airs on the syfy channel starting on Tuesday the 13th. It shows the lives of cosplayers (Yaya Han, Victoria Schmidt, Becky Young, Jessica Merizan, Holly Conrad, and Jesse Lagers) getting their costumes ready for a competition. When seeing the trailer to this I wasn't all that interested in it at all. I actually wasn't planning to watch it but I had nothing to do once Face off ended and left it on and watched it. In the first couple of minutes I was already annoyed by most of the cosplayers they showed. Most of the time they just complained and whined the whole time when their costume wasn't done and even after it was done they still complained. At one point in the show I really wanted to punch all the girls in the face and tell them to shut up. The two that annoyed me the most where Jessica and Holly. Even if I wasn't interested in this show I thought the show was going to be about them just working on their costume and giving the viewers tips but I was way off. The show focuses more on their social life than them making their own costume. You see them working on it here and there but most of the time you see them out having fun.

Jesse Lagers is the only cosplayer I'm liking so far in the show but they hardly show him. I feel they don't show him a lot because he doesn't complain all that much. Knowing it's a reality show I bet they complain to get views and some drama could be made up. If they cut off the whole drama I would actually like this show. Every reality show doesn't need to have drama in it. Just because it has drama doesn't make the show worth watching or any good. I may not be the only person that hates this show because of the way they act but if they show more on how they create their costumes and show the fun in it then it would be more interesting and more people would want to watch it. I wish they had more guy cosplayers than just one. There's many guy cosplayers that are famous too but I know girls are more known but that shouldn't be the reason why they can't have more than one guy.

Heroes of cosplay isn't what I thought it was. It's just like any other reality show filled with drama and annoying people. This didn't show the fun in cosplay at all. It showed people putting themselves under pressure, caring only about themselves, and how spoiled they are. Would I watch Heroes of cosplay again? Yeah if there isn't anything better on. But these cosplayers except Jesse showed me don't wait a week before the competition to start on you're costume. It'll just end up bad or you won't even finish.

Go out and have fun cosplaying don't stress yourself out thinking you're not good enough. Do it because you want to at the end you could only make yourself happy :).
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Friday, August 9, 2013

RWBY episode 1 review

When I finished watching RWBY my first words where "this isn't too bad". The animation isn't the best and at times when the characters are speaking the mouth doesn't move until seconds later. When they are fighting it's amazing but when their not it isn't so great. What made me love this show wasn't the story all that much it was more of the action. It's beautifully made and I could look at it for hours. Another thing I have a problem with is the voice acting. It isn't the greatest but it's not the worst I've heard either. It annoys me at times but the fighting makes up for it. What I like that they kept from the trailers is the main characters or the ones involved in the story are the only ones colored while the rest are all in black and white. It makes you focus more on the main characters than the background characters. I've had times when I looked at background characters more than the main characters that were on screen. I had no problem with this one which is good for people who do that as well. The ending credits were awesome. That was one of my favorite parts from watching this show. Even if this is a show I wish rooster teeth will make this into a video game. It already has the video game vibe and this story line and how they are showcasing it fits more of a video game than anything.I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this. They don't even need to make a trailer for it they have it with the ending credits and the four trailers of red, white, black, and yellow. I really hope this happens sometime in the future.
Until then this is undeadwolfgirlhinata signing off    

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Say I love you

Mei is a 16 year old girl who has no friends and has never had a boyfriend in her life. She is always bullied and has never spoken or gotten close to anyone in school. One day Mei is walking up the stairs as Yamato, the most popular guy in school, is walking right behind her and his friend as a joke was going to pull her skirt up. Not caring who it was she kicked Yamato in the face. Every girl at school yelled at her telling her he wasn't the one while Yamato was amazed by it. Later on in the day someone wrote her a letter for what she had done saying she should go apologize since he wasn't the one who did it. Yamato came to her and told her it wasn't him but his friend. Mei seeing he had a scrape on his hand gave him a band-aid. Yamato finding Mei an interesting person asked her for her number but she declined saying friends only betray you. Yamato then gave her his number to call him whenever she needs him. One day one of the customers where Mei works at was following her. Feeling scared she called home but no one answer so the next best thing  was to call Yamato and ask for help. Yamato came to help her and the way he did so was to kiss her. The man left and Mei was surprised not knowing what to do since it was her first kiss. Yamato apologized for not knowing that was her first kiss but she knew it was to help get rid of the man. Yamato now has Mei's number and a interesting journey of hardship and love would beginning.

Say I love you is a good and realistic manga about love and relationships. It shows the journey of a girl who has no friends and falls in love but yet has no clue about what love is and shows the obstacles she goes through being in a relationship. Mei is a character anyone can relate to when you have fallen in love for the first time even to the love you have now. She may be a plain character but she isn't afraid to speak her own mind. Yamato is a guy who at first was just interested in her but then starts to care for her and won't force her to do anything against her will. He's those good guys that people look for but is still new to relationships himself.

Hazuki Kanae does a really good job at creating characters who have done something in their past that people could relate to and doesn't overreact what they go through. The art style isn't the worst I've seen but not the greatest either but with this story I don't pay much attention to the art; all I care about is the story and that's it. Say I love you gets an 8/10. Anyone could read this manga and might end up loving it. You might be into action, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. but you could find this one interesting because you could relate to these characters. Say I love you is one of those mangas I like even if I'm not much into romance.
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Also sorry this took me forever but I would try to get more reviews up :)

RWBY: Yellow trailer thoughts

The Yellow trailer remind me of a music video mix in with a video game cut scene. Yellow's voice isn't that great either as Black's but I could over look that by the action that was going on. It was interesting even if this one had the same problem like the others. It went on for too long. I felt like Rooster teeth didn't want to leave the trailer with a cliffhanger. I would have loved if it did because it would have made me more interested in watching the show but I'm still checking it out. I still love the whole silhouette thing going on it makes you more focused on Yellow and it brings more beauty to it. Yellow is a bad-ass like the rest but Red is still my favorite. Hopefully Rooster Teeth makes this into a video game because it already has that video game feel to it.
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

RWBY: Black trailer thoughts

The trailer to Black remind me more of a cut scene for a video game than for a trailer to a cartoon. It was well made and I could picture this whole trailer for a video game I would so buy. Black was a bad-ass like White and Red so now I can't wait to see Yellow. I love her outfit as well and I just thought of dressing up as all four after seeing this. It's also too long that could have been cut down as the other two trailers. Once her and the guy defect the robots and they open up a box that's when it should of ended but it kept dragging on. The voice acting in this trailer isn't too bad. I do like the guy's voice but
the girl she could of been better. And I keep noticing more and more that the background art reminds me a lot of a water printing. Rooster teeth should make this cartoon into a video game. It would be awesome and I would so totally buy it.
Next is yellow and then I'll give my thoughts on the first episode
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RWBY: White trailer thoughts

White trailer was slow at first but then it started to speed up after she starts to fight the man in the armor. I didn't notice it must in the Red trailer but that's how it started as well. It was beautifully made but when she's not fighting you could see the animation isn't the greatest. Is it just me or does she kind of remind you of Hatsune Miku? I also think White is a bad-ass but I do love Red more. I'm thinking about dressing up as white as well. This also had the same problem the Red trailer had. It was to long and it could of be cut down. This trailer started when she was singing and then she started fighting and it kept going back and fourth. But with this trailer it should have stop once she got hurt. It would have left you off wondering what happen to her or did she defect the man in armor? I do love how it somewhat looks like a silhouette. It brings more of the beauty into the trailer and it makes you focus more on the characters than in the surrounding which is a plus because at times I looks more at the background than at the characters.
Two more are left and I will give my thoughts on the first episode
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RWBY: Red trailer thoughts

I know I'm a little late since the first three episode are out but my sister just showed me this trailer telling me its inspired by anime. I had to check it out and from what I saw its heavily based off anime. The art style, the way they move and the way they fight is like an anime. I must say it doesn't look quite bad. I love how Red looks I think she's a total bad-ass from what the trailer showed. Red also doesn't show much skin which is a little different from most animes (not saying all) the girl is somewhat half naked all the time. I'm not against it or anything but it does get annoying if she's a fighter and has hardly any clothes. It's like how are you going to protect yourself if you have no armor or clothes? Anyways I would love to dress up like Red and I might. The trailer did go a little to long I felt it should of stop when it hit one minute but that's all I have against it. From this trailer I will check out the first episode of RWBY.
P.s. I'll give my thoughts about the other three trailers
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Friday, August 2, 2013

49 days review

49 days tells a story about a girl name Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) who is excited to marry her fiancĂ©, Kang Min Ho ( Bae Soo Bin), but that all changes when she gets into a car accident and left in a coma. This was not her fate and was giving a second chance by a reaper, Song Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo),. He gave her 49 days to get three teardrops from three people outside her family who cry out of pure love for her. If she gets these three teardrops she will live again but if she doesn't she'll die and go to heaven. She has to take on a body of a girl name Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo-won Who was the one who actually cause the whole car crash. After the death of her boyfriend Yi kyung found no point in living anymore. Ji Hyun takes over her body when she's asleep and leaves when she wakes up. Ji Hyun thought this little journey would be easy but once it started she was wrong. 

49 days is a very truthful but sad drama. Ji Hyun is very pretty and at times reminds me of a doll. She is very cheerful and innocent who is unknown of the real world. Once she took over Yi Kyung body she learns little by little that her life isn't has perfect as she thought it was. Seeing Yi Kyung and how her life became after the death of her boyfriend is very sad. She could have anything gun or knife pointed at her and she wouldn't do anything you could see in her face that she doesn't want to live anymore. At times it's hard to watch I just want to go into the drama and talk to her and tell her that even if he is gone that you should move on and be happy because that would be what he would want for you. She reminds me so much of a robot. Yi Soo is a pretty cool character and by far my favorite of the series. He could be serious but he also brings in the humor in the drama. He may not care much about humans but he does have a soft spot for Ji Hyun. He would help her whenever she was in need. I really wanted them to end up to together but since he's a reaper and she's still alive that it wouldn't happen but I would have loved that. I never did liked Min Ho I always thought there was something he was up to and at the end I was right. But he did look like those type of guys that people call the "perfect" guy even if they aren't close to perfect at all.

I really love this drama it showed how the real world really is. You may think all your friends love you to death but at the end it's not even true. There will only be few people who would truly cry for you and all the people you may think are the ones it might not even be them. This drama is a real mind opening to me. It showed me that in this world there isn't many people who love you that aren't blood related to you. You could live in this world were you think everyone your friends or the one your dating loves you but in reality only half or less really did truly love you and will shed pure tears for you. 49 days get a 10 out of 10. The story is beautifully told and the acting is amazing. You could relate to almost all the characters. Ji Hyun when you first go out to the real world and its not what you thought it will be, Yi Kyung when you lost someone you love and you just can't get over it, Yi Soo when you don't care for anything until you find that one person that changes the way you are and Min ho when you thought you found the perfect one and at the end it was all a lie. Everyone should give this drama a shot because you could learn something even if you may not want to. It's a drama I want all my friends and family to watch at least once in their life. It's one of those dramas that would truly amaze you at the end.This is undeadwolfgirlhinata signing off