Monday, September 16, 2013

Momoiro Heaven review

Shiina Momoko seems to be like your average teenage girl but with a dark secret. She secretly is an erotic novelist but not cause she wanted to but she had no other choice. Her father was an erotic novelist going under the pen-name of Aihara George, after his death he left a large amount of debt and her mother ended up in the hospital. Her father's editor came and told Momoko how he heard from her father how talented of a writer she was that he asked if she could finish his manuscript. She will get paid and would use her father's pen-name since his death wasn't made public. Momoko agreed and since then she has been writing novels to pay off her dad's debt and her mother's bills. Everything was going great with Momoko until the famous model Ranmaru starts to attend the school she goes to. Feeling tired she goes to the nurse's office but finds no one and decides to take a nap in the floor. Finally waking up she hears Ranmaru and the English teacher about to have sex. Not knowing what to do she sits there and watches until her phone goes off. Momoko tries to answer it as quick as possible but Ranmaru and the teacher hear. The teachers leaves quick while Ranmaru takes care of the peeping tom. Finding Momoko and complaints to her he tells her to take responsibility but just ends up running away and drops her student id. Not knowing what to write for her extra story she uses Ranmaru and the teacher as her storyline only changing their names thinking no high school student would read it but was wrong. The next day one of her classmates brings in the story and tells everyone the story definitely is about Ranmaru and the English teacher. Ranmaru knowing she had something to do with it. Goes to her house and learns she's an erotic novelist going to expose her to the whole school the next day but changes his mind after Momoko's little brother tells him why she is doing this line of work. He then tells her he won't expose her secret if she becomes his slave.

Momoiro Heaven is a bit different from other stories that have similar plots. Momoko didn't choose this line of work because she wanted to but because she needed to pay off bills and debts. Most mangas that relate to this type of manga the main character is a virgin while the love interest is not. It's the same with this manga but the differences with this one is even if you know she's going to fall in love with Ranmaru at one point she doesn't give it up to him even with all those times he tries to have sex with her. Most mangas the main character just wants to have sex even on the first date which gets annoying. Momoko in the other hand does not which is awesome. She doesn't think of sex all that much and focuses more on what's important to her which is her family. Ranmaru in the other hand is pretty much the same has other love interest. He's a player, popular and does anything he can to help her when she's in trouble. When Momoko and Ranmaru are together there's humor in there and at times you do what to end up slapping Ranmaru for being an idiot at times but both characters are likable. Momoiro Heaven by Yoshino Mari gets an an 8 out of 10. The story is great but it does take forever for it to update and at times even I forgot about this manga until I see it update in the site I go to. This manga isn't annoying as other mangas that have almost the same plot. Anyone could check this manga out they don't show much nudity from what I remember but I am warning you if you check it out don't be surprise that it rarely updates.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kanojo Wa Kannou Shousetsuka Review

Shiina Keisuke is in love with the world of erotic novels. Joining the business as an editor, Shiina wants to become the editor for Kuroki Chihiro (Their Marquee author). Her being the reason why he got into the world of erotic novels but no one would want to work for Kuroki since she could be a devil to work with. Shiina would now have the bitter and sweet journey of working with his favorite author and dealing with all the crazy things he will have to do for her.

When reading this manga for the first time I thought it was going to just deal with the sex and s&m that would go on in her novels but I was complete wrong. It has bits and pieces of her story but it's more focus on the relationship between Shiina and Kuroki and how working together grows them as a person and their work. Shiina is a cool guy wanting his favorite author Kuroki to grow more and more with her stories and make her better than she already is. He's an idiot but knows what's best for his author and would go great lengths to help her in anyway. Kuroki is pretty cool herself, she doesn't take anyone's crap and would even hurt you if you go against her will. She does have a kind heart but knowing a kind heart when it comes down to work might not take you very far if you let yourself get pushed around a lot. She does things that would make her happy not just to please her fans with just pure sex and nothing else. Kanojo Wa Kannou Shousetsuka by Goto Akira gets an 7 out of 10 love the characters and the art's pretty good. I do feel some chapters do go on to long. This manga I don't mind it going long because it doesn't drag like others that you know they should have ended and are just annoying at that point. Anyone could read this manga it does have it's funny parts but it's a manga with a story and not one of those that you have read before and find no point in reading it.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

RH Plus drama review

RH Plus is a drama based on a manga by the same name. It's tells the live of 4 vampires (Kiyoi, Masakazu, Ageha and Makoto) who live together in a old mansion. Masakazu is a college student who gets information on criminal activities while Ageha and Makoto end up having to help him even if they may not want to. Kiyoi being the eldest in the group is the one taking care of them while they go fight crime that the police aren't willing to do.

It's a very good vampire series that I have never heard of. I came to learn about RH Plus by a drama site while scrolling down to see what's new or good. I just clicked on it and after the first couple of minutes I was hooked. It's not like your average vampire stories now that just deal with love. The acting in this story is awesome it looks like all the actors have known each other for years. They play the whole "family" right and I love it. All the characters stand out Ageha being the cute vampire who is force against his will to do certain things, Makoto comes off not having a care in the world, Masakazu is the type of guy who wants to be all cool and Kiyoi being a father figure to the rest of the group. It's a really great story with a very great cast that do for-fill the roles of the characters. RH Plus gets a 10 out of 10 being a great drama anyone could watch and it's a pretty short one too only being 13 episodes.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Not Like That, Darling review

It's Not Like that, Darling by Nagae Tomomi tells a story of a college student (Maiko Ninomiya) who gets into a car crash the year before and had to get blood transfusion. Lately Maiko has been having sexual dreams with an unknown guy she has never met before. At one point in her day after having another one of her dreams she bumps into the unknown guy that's in her dreams. This guy so happen to be the famous writer Yukiya Nagase. Every time she gets near him or even is touched by him her heart starts to beat fast but she doesn't know why. She follows him around until a little boy bumps into him and he pats the boy's head while she starts to cry. He finds her and all she says is Touya. He takes her to a cafe and ask why she is looking up his personal information. Maiko tells him about seeing him in her dreams but he doesn't believe her at first until she was about to get into another crash and he saves her. Yukiya takes her to his house and shows a picture of him and a girl (Haruka). She notices that same girl help called the ambulance and donated blood. She wanted to thank her but couldn't reach her and he tells Maiko she's dead. He believes those dreams she keeps having are those of Haruka. He then tells her to come live with him and he will take responsibly of her. Maiko now has to find a way to not let Haruka feelings get the best of her.

It's Not Like That, Darling is a very cutesy manga that I had fun reading it. Maiko was an interesting character from the beginning. She won't let anyone mess with her friends and even tries to save animals at the risk of her own life. She doesn't think before she acts but she does try her best to do things she believes is right. She is the one who gives us the humor in this manga. Her trying to resist Yukiya but Haruka is to powerful for her to handle but tries to overcome it. Yukiya in the other hand is like any other male lead. Famous, has a fan base that if anyone gets too near him they'll hurt them and loves messing around with her. He's a kind guy but could be selfish at times. There really isn't anything that makes him different from other male leads in shojo mangas other than he's kind to her most of the time. Touya is a very cute little kid that brings both characters together and if he wasn't in the story it won't be as great as it is. The art style isn't to bad and the story isn't to bad either. The thing that makes this manga worth checking out is because of the characters. It's Not Like That, Darling gets an 7 out of 10. Any fan of shojo would love this manga from the beginning. It's not a very long series either only 14 chapters which I love, it doesn't drag on like other shojo mangas that should of ended chapters ago.  
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Heroes of cosplay episode 2

I may be two to three days late on this but I don't know how to start my next review and decide to talk about the whole thing that happen in the second episode in Heroes of cosplay. You meet three new cosplayers in the show (Riki LeCotey, Monika Lee, and Chloe Dykstra). It's the same like episode one just some cosplayers from the first one don't come out (Jessica, Holly, and Becky). It's still has the same level of annoyance but this episode had more drama than the first. After this episode aired a lot of people started hating on Yaya which I felt wasn't right. Yaya wasn't the one who brought up the whole only "skinny or pretty" (I think that's how it went) people could cosplay it was Riki. Most of them agreed to it and Chloe was the one defending that anyone could cosplay. Yaya in the other hand wasn't against it or for it. All she said is you have to look at you're body and see what goes with you and what does not. That didn't mean she was against it or anything you just have to know you're limit. Some of this may be made up and some may not.

Should it matter what they think? Not really they may be known in the cosplay world but what they say shouldn't bother you. Let them think what they think and just move on. There's no rules in cosplay and no one should get hated for what they believe even if it is pretty messed up just ignore it. Dress up whatever character you want and if that character shows more skin than you feel comfortable with than just cover it and make it you're own. Cosplay is not all about showing skin and being sexy it's all about the fun in it. You could show skin and everything but in a couple of years or so would it still work out? Would people still be interested in you? Who knows but don't be afraid to dress up or be mad just because of what they say. Be proud of who you are and don't let anyone stop you from cosplaying or just starting. 

I do have to say Chloe is another cosplayer I like. She's a cool person that does it for the fun of it and nothing else. They still don't show Jesse much which is a shame. From these two episode he's really the only cosplayer where most of the time you see him doing his costume which is awesome! I may not make costumes myself but might start sometime soon I do love seeing people create their work of art. Even in my first review of this show I still believe there should be more than just one guy. I've seen some amazing guy cosplayers out there. I'm still in the same when it comes down to this show I'll watch it when nothing else is better on.
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P.s. Sorry if I went overboard or repeated myself in the whole cosplay things. I got really into >.<
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nozoki Ana review

Nozoki Ana by Honna Wakou tells a story of a college student Kido tatsuhiko who has a hole in the wall of his apartment room. Him and he's friend look through the hole but can't see anything in the other side. They start drinking and pass out at some point. Kido wakes up and sees light coming through the hole. He then looks through the hole and sees his next door neighbor (Ikuno Emiru) touching herself and she notices him. Freaking out Kido tries to wake up his friend but can't. Kido goes and knocks on his neighbor's door telling her about the hole in the wall. She opens the door but tries closing it as faster as possible but he forces himself in there and lands on top of her. She takes a picture and tells him the only way she will erase the picture is if he agrees to "show each other". He doesn't want to but is blacked mailed to do so. On monday, wednesday, and friday are the days he could peep on her while tuesday, thursday, and saturday are her days. Sunday they take a break from it. Kido now has to follow these peep rules or his life would turn upside down.

This was an interesting manga to read. I have never read a manga or seen an anime that is based on peeping. There's peeping in mangas and anime but that isn't what it's based on. It's an interesting but weird topic that I haven't seen before. Kido is a really nice guy that I wouldn't mind hanging out with. He's not all about the sex. He wants to respect the women he's around with and not look like a pervert. He's character keeps growing more and more after bad things happen to him. Emiru is an interesting and strange character. You could hardly know what she is thinking of and sometimes it feels like she could see right through you. She hardly shows any emotion which makes you want to learn more about her. After a few chapters in I wanted to know if she was always like this or if something bad happen to her. I think she's one reason why I keep on reading the manga and have been enjoying it.

Nozoki ana is a well made manga with an interesting story line. The art style is good and the style fits the tone of the story. The characters fit well together even if they are completely different from each other. Nozoki ana get an 8 out of 10. I get happy when it updates but I do feel it ran a little to long but it's still worth checking out.
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JD Relic English cover of Lucifer by Shinee

I don't normally talk about music but I can't stop listening to this English cover by JD Relic. He is an amazing singer and I just can't stop listening to any of the covers he has done. I first started listening to him back in 2011 but only listened to his covers of Super Girl by Super Junior M and Heartbeaker by G-Dragon. A couple of months ago I stop listening to K-pop and he's covers but recently I got back into it. I started to listen to Super Girl and decide to check out his new and old stuff I have yet listen too. After listening to Lucifer I couldn't stop. I would replay it over and over again and I'm still not tried of it whatsoever.
I did listen to his cover before listening to the original version of Lucifer but after a couple of times listening to he's cover over and over again I finally listened to it. It's a good song in English and Korean. I just wanna learn Shinee dance moves but at time when I sing along to the Korean version I sing it in English instead. Which sucks but I do love both versions equally. JD Relic could make some of the best covers ever!! He keeps the beat the same and yes he does have to change some words to the song but he makes it fit. Here's his youtube channel to check out more of his awesome covers 

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