Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ao Haru Ride: Youth Ride

Nadeshiko-chan here and I’ll be reviewing Ao Haru Ride by Sakisaka Io on this fine winter day. The ongoing series begins with the heroine, Yoshioka Futaba, in middle school; she’s a timid, cute, and feminine girl who dislikes boys, since she finds them loud and obnoxious. Her only exception Tanaka Kou, a gentle and rather quiet boy, that also has feelings for her. They decide to go to the festival together, but because of a series of misunderstand and mishaps, he stands her up. She wants to confront him, work things out, but when she goes to school she finds out his transferred and she left without closure. Then she begins gaining the attention of other boys because of her cute, girly attitude, causing her female “friends” to ostracize her.
The story then skips to her in high school, working to reset her image: She's become a tomboy and makes her large appetite known in order to keep boys away. She has very shallow relationships with her new “friends” that only like her because even though she’s cute, she’s too boyish to pose a threat to them. Towards the end of her 1st year, she reunites with Tanaka, but he isn't the same; first of all he goes under the name of Mabuchi Kou now and his masculine, sarcastic. He tells her that he felt the same way as she did when they were younger, but that they can’t go back and she agrees, just happy to have closure. Her feelings for the past him are done, but she soon starts developing feelings for the present him, for Mabuchi Kou. Also, after she meets him, she befriends Yuuri Makita, who’s ostracized by the girls because she’s cute and popular among boys, like Futaba was in middle school. Though their friendship takes some time to develop, they soon become true friends that care about each other. Around that time, they become a trio with Shuuko Murao, the cool “lone wolf” of their class. Though its hard to tell whether she likes them at all at first, it soon becomes apparent that she cares about them and she steadily opens up to them.  Anyway, as Futaba stops worrying about what others think, her feelings for Kou grow and her concern for him leads her to helping him deal with his family issues. After which, he also begins to fall for her once again, the only problem is he isn't very honest with his feelings and someone from his past keeps distracting him. I’ll end it at that, I don’t want to spoil too much.
Now the characters: I originally didn't like Futaba as a heroine, trying to change herself just to make “friends”, but then I realized that it must have been traumatic for her after being abandoned by all those who she thought were her friends. And after awhile I realized she was rather honest, always doing her best and putting in all her power when she’s determined about something. She’s got a lot of spunk and is working on another one of her major character faults: avoiding a problem instead of facing it head on. As you read you might notice this bad habit of hers and see moments where she’s able to over come it. Then there’s the male lead Kou, dishonest and distant Kou, keeping himself away from the rest of group. Originally Futaba simply reminded him of his happier days before his family turmoil, but he starts to developing feelings for the present Futaba as well. These feelings become more apparent after she helps him deal with some his family issues, but he doesn’t feel it’s the appropriate time to act on his feelings. Overall he is very kind and looks out for her, he simply can’t be honest with his feelings. But the series is ongoing, so things might change.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Are you Alice?

Wonderland isn't the wonderland we always thought it was. A boy who gives up on his dreams gets lost in wonderland and is given the name of "Alice". In this game "Alice" has to kill the white rabbit and if that "Alice" fails to do so, another "Alice" would come and take the role. Every character in wonderland has a role and they all have to follow the rules and whatever the Queen of Hearts says goes or it's off with your head.
Many "Alices" have played the game to kill the white rabbit but they all have failed. The only one close to finishing the game was the 88th Alice but got trick by the Cheshire cats. Not only did the Cheshire cat trick the 88th Alice but he also gave the main character the role has the 89th Alice. Alice not only wants to know who he is but wants to end this crazy game.
This manga is pretty awesome. I love Alice in wonderland and I felt Ninomiya Ai did I really good job at creating a different wonderland. It was interesting since the beginning and I thought it was going to be all blood and killing but was wrong which is a good thing. The characters were awesome but yet I can't say much about who they are because all you know is their role but their past is unknown. That gives the reader more of a reason to read it because you want to know their past and how they came to be. Are you Alice? gets an 8/10 the story is awesome but it does take awhile to get to the point and sometimes I feel it could be shorter than it is but other than that I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Alice in Wonderland.
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

If Her Tears Were the Snow

Happy Holidays~
Today I’ll be reviewing a oneshot called Kanojo no Maida gaa Yuki da Toshitara, a beautiful love story by Minamori Koyomi. Most oneshots I've read aren't very good, their art is messy or generic shoujo style and the stories are predictable and simple. There still entertaining but definitely aren't great. But this one is amazing and I absolutely love it.
The protagonist is Tougo, a first year in middle school, who plans to confess to his childhood friend Suzu. They've been together since they were babies and as he describes it, one day he simply realized that loving her was like breathing to him. He gives her an early notice to his confession, telling her his going to confess to him tomorrow so to meet him at the shrine tomorrow at 5pm if she wants him as a boyfriend. Tougo truly cherishes her and even goes to great lengths to give her the “snowy day” she’s always dreamed of. He hangs a confetti-ball in a tree and plans to pull it before he confesses. But while setting it up, he falls from the tree and hits his head, during his last few moments of consciousness, he sees Suzu crying. He wakes up in a hospital bed and parents tell him he's been in a coma for the past 4 years. Though it takes a while to accept this fact, as soon as he does he goes to Suzu at her high school to finish the confession. She cries from joy when she sees him and hugs him, but lets go when her boyfriend arrives. Things have changed in the last 4 years…
I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I will tell you I cried; when I finished I couldn't believe a oneshot had actually made me cry, how attached I’d gotten to the hot-headed and blunt Tougo.
Then the arts just lovely, much better than other oneshots. The expressions of the characters are drawn gently, especially whenever someone cries. The scenes themselves were kind and soft, having a sort of charm that fit the story perfectly.
I highly recommend you take the time to read the story of Tougo’s cute and painful first love. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bokura ga ita Movie Review

    Hello its Miss Lee Minho, todays review is going to be Bokura ga ita. It is a Japanese movie based on the famous manga and anime with the same name. The first part of the movie came out in March 17, 2012 and it's 121 minutes long. The second part of the movie came out in Apirl 21, 2012 and it is also 121 minutes long. In this review I'm going to say the summary, the cast, and my opinion of the overall movie.                                              
  The movie is based on Motoharu Yano and Yuriko Yoshitaka. It is a coming to age story. It goes through how they both fell in love with each other. The problems they have and the problems that Yano has doesn't let them be together happily. They go through many bumps together and separate. But, at the end do they end up being with each other? You have to see both movies to find out. 
  The cast includes Toma Ikuta who plays Motoharu Yano. He was born in October 7,1984. He has come out in dramas like Hana Kimi, Voice, Devil, and many more. He also has come out in movies like Brain Man ( Coming out next year), Hanamizuki, and more. He is my favourite Japanese actor especially after seeing this movie. He acts so perfectly I saw him in Hana Kimi there his character was a funny one but in this movie he was serious and he was able to do it well. I hope he gets more roles like this I will enjoy them very much. Yuriko Yoshitaka played Nanami Takahashi, she was born on July 22, 1988. She has come out in dramas like Vampire prosecuter , The reason I can't Find My Love, and much more. She has come out in movies like A Story of Yonosuke ( Coming out next year), Himizu, and a lot more. She was freaking adorable. I felt that she was so perfect and innocent looking for this role. I loved her!!!! Sousuke Takaoke plays Masafumi Takeuchi, he was born on February 8, 1982. He has come in such dramas like Rookies, Real Clothes, and more. He has come out in Movies like Route 42 (Coming out next year), The Millennial Rapture, and more. I liked his character but I just felt so bad for him because he fell in love with Takahashi who never loved him. I just wanted to be next to his character and say its okay you don't need her hahaha but overall he did a fantastic job. Yuki Motokariya played Yuri Yamamoto she was born in September 8, 1987. She has came out in dramas like Soko o Nantoka, Suitei Yuza, and more. She has came out in movies like CM Time, Wild 7, and more. Her character I freaking hate. She doesn't understand ever that Yano doesn't like and practically ruined his life as well. She acted very very well as the antagonist because I ended up hating her so much. The rest of the cast were Manami Higa as Akiko Sengenji, Tasuku Emoto as Atsushi, Ayaka Komatsu as Nana Yamamoto, Risa Sudo as Ayaka Takeuchi, Yumi Asou as Yoko Yano, Yukari Taki, Yurie Midori, Kumi Imura, Yorie Yamashita, Aya Enjoji, Toru Nomaguchi, Yu Kamio, Hayato Matsunaga, and Narumi Akizuki.
     I really don't think that there was anything badly made about this movies. For me everything was perfect. The parts that I mostly love was the part they were at yano's house you see that his shirt is of already because he thinks that they are going to have sex. I also, like the part that she gets down on her knees and tells yano something really nice I cant remember what but she was doing what the man is suppose to do and I felt so proud to be a women when she did that. But, I guess what got me mad was that it was a struggle for both of them to end up together. But, that's what made me love this movie and made it different from other movies and dramas because it didn't come easy for them. 
    I give this drama a 10 out of 10 monhorns it was perfectly made and I don't have anything bad to say about it. If you want a romantic coming to age story this is it and if you are a couple wanting to see a movie please watch this one. If you are trying to find the movie but cant find it please press the link in the bottom. Thank you for reading my review please go ahead and check out my other drama, movies, and music video reviews.dramacrazy/

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bokura Ga Ita by Yuki Obata

Happy Holidays~ 
Ms. Lee Min Ho and I watched the Bokura Ga Ita live-action movie several weeks ago so I decided to review the anime, since things with real human beings are more Ms. Lee Min Ho's district. Anyway, to be blunt, I hate the art, the standard slipping quite often throughout the series. The characters’ sometimes look like they have pig noses and it often looks like they are unfinished. It was very difficult for me to get past the art and watch the anime, but it was worth it since the plot is adorable and heart-warming.
                The sweet and innocent Nanami “Nana” Takahashi is a first year high school student who ends up in the same class with the incredibly popular Motoharu Yano, who she keeps hearing rumors about from her new classmates. When she first meets him, she can’t tell whether she likes or hates him. But eventually she realizes that she’s completely smitten with him and works to become his support, which wins him over. But as a couple, they struggle with trusting one another, especially Motoharu whose ex-girlfriend was with another man at the time of her death. He’s terrified of being betrayed again and abandoned by Nanami. Plus there his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister, Yuri Yamamoto, who believes she understands Motoharu best, relying on him often and attempting to get between the couple. But they are able to overcome these challenges because even if they fight, their love for each other draws them back together.
Again, the arts pretty bad, but the story itself is beautiful, cute, and sentimental since the couple really is in love. I love Nanami since she sounds so much like a guy at times, saying she’ll be support him, protect him, and watch over him. One of my favorites is:
Yano. The person whom you really, really love may not be here anymore. And you might feeling lonely, but, there are people in this world who really, really love you, so shouldn't that equal it all out? So, please don’t ever think that you’re alone. I’ll be watching over you. I’ll always be watching over you. I promise to always watch over you. You’re not alone.”
She’s always there for him, strong enough for the emotional weak Motoharu, another reason I think she makes such an interesting protagonist; that and the fact she isn't all that shy about her feelings for Yano. I mean she doesn't outlandishly flirt with him or anything, simply lets him know that she likes and cares about him. Then there’s Motoharu, who’s rather possessive as a boyfriend and is somewhat annoying since he keeps letting his past hurt Nanami, choosing to avoid it instead of confronting it like a man. But with Nanami’s help his able to confront his past and feelings for his ex-girlfriend, finally able to truly move forward. Though sometimes he comes off as self-centered and somewhat cold, he really does love Nanami and is usually very amorous towards her. He’s happiest and strongest when he’s with her, telling her once that all he want is a “reality where I exist and you’re right there next to me”.  They’re an adorable, lovey-dovey couple that is able to overcome many obstacles together. Though the art is pretty terrible, amateur at best, I still recommend getting past it and focusing on this sweet, yet dramatic love story.