Sunday, September 2, 2012


Volume 1 cover
Hello there. I'm Seshiria-sempai, president (or dictator :D) of this posse of manga fans and the founder of the club. So, I love me some good dramas, anime, and manga. I mostly read shoujo and my favorites are skip beat, the devil does exist, and dengeki daisy. I'm extremely fond of one shots and short mangas but I can appreciate the very long ones as well. My favorite dramas are devil beside you, extravagant challenge, and coffee prince. Another big thing with me is Lolita fashion. I absolutely love it! I'm a fan of Victorian age dresses so the Lolita fashion is great for me. So I guess I'll start this thing off on a positive note and write about a manga I liked. Beast Master is a good manga and I give it a 10. The art is great, which is huge with me because I tend to drop mangas that have sucky art. Motomi is one of few mangakas who can actually draw a guy looking like a guy unlike most shoujo mangakas who give the boys big everythings (hands,eyes) and triangle faces that look weird >.< The story is cute and the heroine is not annoying and overtly girly (gag) and I love that about her. All in all, I recommend this manga to any one, especially beginning readers since its a short series but maintains the shoujo elements nicely and is a good read.

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