Sunday, September 2, 2012


Japanese cover to volume 1
Hello anime lovers :D I'm undeadwolfgirl. I was a fan of anime since I was small. Anime grew more and more as I started to read mangas. I love all types of anime/mangas may it be action, drama, romance, etc I would read them all. The manga I would like to introduce to you all manga lovers is velvet kiss. Velvet kiss is an 18+ manga filled with twists and turns making you want more and more. The story starts off with our main character Nitta Shin feeling lucky until he finds himself saddled with a sudden, crushing debt. His loan agent tells him he can repay all the debt by keeping a woman company. He agrees to this agreement but finds it more difficult than he thought it would be. Velvet kiss was a manga I came across and thought it was going to be a pointless manga with just a lot of sex in it but I was wrong. It may have a lot of sex but there is a story going on in this manga which is what I love about it. Once reading it you just want more and more. Waiting for chapters was something I had trouble with. Sadly this story came to a end but the ending was an okay ending. I would have love to see my thought of Nitta and Kano(woman he has to keep company) come true but sadly it didn't. Nitta and Kano are two very a like characters but at the same time could be the complete opposite of each other. They are the only ones who could make each other reach higher and higher. I would rate this manga a 8/10 and I want you all that are 18+ to read this manga. Its an interesting manga that makes you think at times but yet didn't answer some questions that were brought up in the story but overall this is a manga that should be read. I'm undeadwolfgirl signing off see you next time.

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