Wednesday, October 17, 2012

City Hunter

                Hello it’s me miss Lee Minho today I’m going to review for you city hunter. One amazing thing about this drama is that Lee Minho comes out in it so how much better can it get. This drama is based on the manga City Hunter the manga was released in 1985 and it finished in 1992. I think there was also a movie before this drama with Jackie Chan if there wasn’t please corrects me. City Hunter which is a Korean drama came out on the 25th of May 2011 until the 28th of July 2011. What I’m going to talk about if firstly the summary, the cast, and lastly just my opinions of the drama.
                The drama is about Lee Yoon Sung whose father died when he was still being born. His father died because the government sent the father with other men to fight I’m not sure why because I can’t remember. So as the dad was dying his friend Lee Jin Pyo sees him die and tells him he is going to take revenge for his death and the other men who went to fight. He ends up stealing Lee Yoon Sung who at that point is still a baby and gives the mom money thinking that now it was okay but the mom suffers the rest of her life because she lost the only important person to her. So, Lee Yoon Sung and Lee Jin Pyo go to live in Thailand and Lee Yoon Sung gets trained until he was around 28 years old because he was going to take revenge for his father. At this point he doesn’t really know why he is being trained he just thinks that Lee Jin Pyo is his father. He ends up finding out about why he is being trained and then decides to actually take revenge but he thinks that his mother is a terrible person because Lee Jin Pyo told him that she left him. He then goes to Seoul, Korea to work for the Blue house which is part of the plan because he is trying to get back at 5 specific people that work in the government. Lee Jin Pyo before Lee Yoon Sung left tells him that he can’t fall in love because that will mess up the plan. As you can see it also has some romance in it he ends up meeting Kim Na Na his love interest. From there’s a lot of things that happen but one thing I could say is that he doesn’t really kill people because he doesn’t think that it is the solution not like his “father” who thinks it is.
                The cast of this drama I found to be marvelous I loved them all I think that everyone just did a really excellent job at acting. The main character is one and only Lee Minho who plays Lee Yoon Sung. I felt that he did an remarkable job once again I wasn’t disappointed in his acting I felt like I just fell re in love with him and his character. He has came out in many dramas like of course Boys Over flowers my favorite and first drama that I have ever watched, personal taste, mackerel run, I am Sam, Secret campus, and his new drama Faith. The love interest Kim Na Na was played by Park Min Young I really liked her acting she acted tough but at the same time cute will that’s the good word to describe her but she was just amazing. She has come out in dramas like I am Sam, running, Time Slip Dr. Jin, and many more. Lee Jin Pyo was played by Kim Sang Joong I really liked his character he is the one of those character that you will love and hate. He has come out in dramas such like Goong, Mom has grown horns, The Chaser, and many more. One of my favorite character was Kim Young Joo played by Lee Joon Hyuk he is the character that is against Lee Yoon Sung but when you get to know who he really is you will just start to care for him but when you see the drama don’t get to attach to him. Other Characters and cast are Kim Sang Ho as Bae Shik Joong, Jung Joon as Kim Sang Gook, Lee Seung Hyung as Song Young Deok, Baek Seung Hyun as Park Ho Shik, Lee Kwang Soo as Go Ki Joon, Yang Jin Sung as Shin Eun Ah, Goo Ha Ra who is in a kpop group named Kara, and lastly Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Se Hee of course there is more people who came out in the drama so if you want know who they are just go to and to learn more about the cast.
                I just loved this drama it is on my top dramas. There are many things that I loved about it let’s start with their soundtracks there are two songs that I really liked which were Sad Run and Cupid by Girls Days. Sad Run there wasn’t singing in it you could say it’s more instrumental I think that’s what you would call it. I usually don’t go with those types of songs but I felt it just went so well with the drama and it had a good beat. Cupid by Girls Days was just a super pulchritudinous song every time it came out it usually came out with Goo Ha Ra’s character so every time I hear this song I think about her and it went perfectly with her character as well. This drama had many cute romance scenes between Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Na Na There was this part of the drama when she was sleeping in his coach he gets close to her face to kiss her she wakes up sees him and he doesn’t care and goes for it. When they first meet as well it was just funny because he was supposedly a man whore trying to seduce this lady that was dating someone from the government but it was just hilarious. I also just liked the action in it and I don’t really like action type of stuff but here I didn’t mind it I got really into to it. I really enjoyed how every ending was like a cliff hanger it made you want more every time the drama was ending I was falling of my seat and screaming wanting to know what was going to happen next. There weren’t any scenes that I hated mostly scenes that were really good because they got me mad.
                So, overall I give this drama 10 out of 10 monohorns. I give it this rating because Lee Minho’s acting was astonishing and not just that it kept me interested in it. It made me want to see episode after episode it made me happy, mad, laugh, and sometimes want to tear up. If you get these emotions of course this drama would be good. To tell you the truth I first saw this drama because of lee Minho being in it but I am so grateful I saw it because it turned out to be great. This drama also has the perfect amount of action and love so that makes it better. This is all I have to say I hope you enjoyed my review and please comeback and read other reviews that I will make in the future see you next time and have a great day. Also please leave comments in all of our blogs telling us giving us feedback and what you thought about that manga, anime, or drama. THANK YOU!!!!!

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