Thursday, October 25, 2012


                Hello it’s me Miss Lee Minho, today I m not going to review a drama I am going to review a super new Kpop group which they are called LUNAFLY. They are a trio who debuted early this September they play an acoustic type of music. The song they debuted with is called “Superhero” which they also self composed it. They made an English version of their song which I personally think was really smart they could get famous fast around the world. I am just mostly going to talk about the people who are in the group and what I think about their music.
                This group has 3 members which are Sam Carter, Teo, and Han Seung Yun. Sam Carter was born on  October 14, 1987 he is half British and half Korean I think that’s pretty cool and many English speaking fans would be able to interact well with this group because of that. He is the leader, singer, and guitarist of the group. The second person in the group is Teo he was born on December 7, 1993 he is like the middle child of the group he sings, he plays the drums, and plays piano as well. The last member of the group which makes him the maknae is Han Seung Yun he was born on January 14, 1994. He sings, and plays the guitar. They all compose their songs. They have their single as I said before it is called “Superhero” and they have a single album called “How nice it would be”. I can’t really say much about these members because I really don’t know them well but I just know that they are really talented.
                I love this group the first time I heard them I knew they were made just for me. I really like the type of music they play because it’s very soothing, calming, and cute. They are very different from other kpop groups which are usually bubbly or loud in a good way though I guess popyish you could say I don’t know how describe normal kpop groups. I also like that in their YouTube channel they put practice performances that they do and it just feels real , it feels that they are actually the ones doing the work and they enjoy it.  I hope that they stay with this type of acoustic style because it’s really working for them. I wish that the something doesn’t happen to them as what happen to 4K now they are known as 24K. 4K at first started with the same type of music and then the company people decided to put to more members which just made them like every other kpop group because they changed their style of music and I was sad when I found out about that. Well, to bad nothing can be done but at least now I know about Lunafly.
                Overall I really enjoy this group I recommend it to other people who want soft type of music which will calm you down from your busy day. They now have more songs out I am not sure how many but not a lot yet if you want to check them out just click here -->YouTube/ I hope they come to LA soon but I also wish that the tickets wouldn’t coast a lot so I could actually go. If you checked them out please tell me what you think about them and if you actually enjoyed them. Thank you very much for reading this goodbye.

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