Monday, October 15, 2012

Hapi Mari

Chiwa and Hokuto
Hapi Mari by Enjouji Maki is a story of a girl name Chiwa who has to pay her father's debt from his failed business. She works as a office lady by day and by night a part-time hostess. One night a man name Hokuto Mamya comes to her hostess job and tells her to quit her job saying it's pointless. She not knowing what's going on he tells her he knows about the debt and would pay it off. Chiwa throws whiskey in his face telling him he has no right to tell her what to do and to leave. This results to her losing her job. Feeling angry at her daytime job she is called to the president's office. She then finds out the man she threw whiskey to was her own boss. Thinking she's about to get fired for doing what she did Hokuto's grandfather comes in and hugs her. Telling her he wants to repay her grandmother's favors. The best way to do so is her to marry Hokuto. In shock Chiwa who has never had a boyfriend in her life said no stating marriage has to be with someone you love. Hokuto telling Chiwa he's willing to go along with the marriage if that's what it takes to reach his goals. He thought she would be willing to agree feeling she was like himself and might want to team up. After hearing this Chiwa agrees to the marriage. Till that day fourth is the start of a hard but loving marriage.

Hapi Mari isn't one of those romance mangas that are boring as hell. It's one were you see the ups and downs of a marriage. It isn't one of those that are over dramatized. It truly feels like how a marriage would be in real life. Chiwa could be annoying at times but she isn't useless or helpless like other main characters in mangas. She wants to make things right. Hokuto is a guy who lost his mother at a young age and tries to become the head of his family. Hokuto could be cruel to Chiwa but you could see he cares for her. Later on in the manga he tells her he loves her you see a short change in him. He may act cruel to her but he's not use to anyone trying to change his life or wants any help. They truly care for each other and have things standing in their way they and will overcome them.

Hapi Mari gets a 10/10 Enjouji Maki knows how to create a story were it isn't boring or annoying where you think the girl is an idiot that stays with the guy but could do better. It shows how a true marriage would be.
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