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To the Beautiful You Review

Hello I’m Ms Lee Minho by my username you could see that I’m a big Fan of Lee Minho I absolutely love his acting. I’m the treasurer of the club. I’m not a big anime or manga fan but I do respect it I have read and seen a little bit because of my friends and I have enjoyed it. I’m mostly just watch dramas so what I will do for the blogs is blog about dramas mostly from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. I might review kpop people but I’m not sure about that yet but I know I’m going to do some Korean and Japanese movies. So the first drama I’m going to review is To the Beautiful you it’s a Korean drama that started on August 15 to October 4, 2012 so it just finished. This drama is based on Hana Kimi and it also has dramas in Japan and in Taiwan which I have seen the Japanese one as well. I’m going to give you the summary of the overall drama, the cast, and also my favorite and lest favorite things about the drama.
                The story is about this girl named Koo Jae-Hee who is a big fan of this high jumping guy named Kang Tae-Joon.  She decided do dress as up like a guy and go to the school he is going to. She gets her dorm and realizes that she is living with Kang Tae-Joon but he doesn’t like it and wants to kick her out but at the end he couldn’t do anything and accepts living with her. She also meets Eun-Gyeol and throughout the drama they become close friends which actually Eun-Gyeol starts liking her but he still thinks she is a guy so throughout the drama he is scared that he turned gay but at the end accepts it. The only person who knows that she is actually a girl is the schools doctor named Jang Min-Woo he decided to keep her secret after hearing her out but warns her that one day everyone will find out then she will have to leave. But in the middle of the drama Kang Tae-Joon finds out that she is a girl but doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want her to leave slowly they both start liking each other but cant obviously say nothing about them liking each other if not she will have to leave especially that someone else found that she is a girl.
            The cast of this drama has a lot of kpop people the person who plays Jae –Hee is sulli who is from a group called f(x). She has come out in other dramas not many but I haven’t seen those so this time was the first time that I actually saw her act. I think she did a great job the character didnt act to cute or do trying too hard to be a guy she just acted naturally. The second actor was MinHo from Shinee he played Kang Tae-Joon.  This is his second drama that he has acted in I never seen the other one. His acting wasn’t that bad but I think it could have been better I just felt something was missing with his acting but I don’t know what but for a kpop rapper he did pretty well. Another kpop artist that came out was Hwang Kwang-Hee who is from ZE:A it is said that the whole group or other group members of that kpop group come out has background students but you never really get to see them. Kwang-Hee played a gay guy who like Eun-Gyeol he is always putting chapstick on and he is just a funny character. I can’t really say much about his acting because he didn’t come out a lot especially in the ending of the drama. That was all the kpop people that came out now the non kpop people the first person is Lee Hyun-Woo who played Eun-Gyeol I absolutely loved him he is my favorite character in this drama. I felt that his acting was great his character was suppose to be adorable and cute and I felt that he did amazing playing that. His smile in the drama was just cute when you see it you will faint from all the cuteness hahaha. The doctor was played by Ki Tae-Young he was very serious in the whole drama I guess he was good at the acting I never seen him act in other dramas so I can’t say much but he was pretty good looking and has a good sense of style. Kim Ji-Won played Seol Han-Na she was the character that had a big crush on Kang Tae-Joon because they have known each other since small she plays the antagonist at first but she gets nicer at the end. Kang Ha-Neul played Min Hyun-Jae I really liked this character at first you think he is not good but at the end you get to know him and understand him better. He is jealous of Kang Tae-Joon because he is a better high jumper and wants to win him but he has his own reasons why which if you see the drama you will find out. Other actors that were in this drama were Seo Jun-Young, Lee Young-Eun, and Kang Kyeong-Jun.
                There were many cute things that I loved about this drama and many that just annoyed me. First let’s talk about the cute things I loved how I get to know all the character more deeply they didn’t really do that in the Japanese drama. A scene that I like was when Kang Tae-Joon already knew that she is a girl and the bus goes buy which it was raining that day he stands in front of her and protects her form getting wet it is a small scene but I just love it’s that scene when you know that he starts caring about her. But the scene that I loved more was the parts with Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol because they are just cute. When they are eating S'more together, when they are in the laundry room, oo and I how could I forget when he protects her from crashing into something with the bike she was riding you will understand this part when you see it. There are so many cute scenes in the drama that I feel that many people will like maybe not these but other ones. The parts that I didn’t like were these first of all the reason for her going to Korea ya he is you favorite high jumper and doesn’t want to jump so you want to help him but in reality who really goes to their favorite something and encourages them to do whatever they quite on doing they should have thought more about her reason. I also hated the scene where she is dressed like a girl and still no one figured out that she was a girl!!!!! No offense but are they blind she is dressed like a girl how can you not tell and she also has a girly figure and voice you could still tell that she is a girl even though she is dressed like a guy.
            So I give this drama 8 out of 10 monohorns the reason I give this drama 8 is her reason why she left and that people couldn’t tell that she was a girl but besides that I just loved this drama. If you want something cute and lovable I recommend you to see this drama. I know this is one I will see again in the near future. But if you don’t like gender benders you might not like this drama but still please give it a chance you will never know you could end up falling in love with it. Thanks for reading this review see you next time :).

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