Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hiyokoi ~ Chick Love ~ By Yukimaru Moe

Its Nadeshiko-chan, reviewing the adorable Hiyokoi manga today. The heroine of this kawaii little manga is Hiyori Nishiyama , a small, shy, and timid 15 year old girl. She’s going to high school for the first time in a year since an accident left her hospitalized and being the new kid isn't easy for this socially challenged teen. On her first day she meets Yuushin Hirose, a very tall and outgoing, popular boy who befriends her, though she has mixed feelings about the new friendship. But Hiyori starts to admire him for his charismatic and friendly personality and, soon enough, she falls in love with him. Now one of the things I love about Hiyori is how honest she is, being able to show weakness as she wanders out of her comfort zone, taking steps she was unable to do in the past. I usually hate crybaby heroines, but Hiyori is different, she's lovable and reasonable. Especially since even though she is painfully shy, she's trying her hardest to change and become someone more outgoing and get Yuushin to notice her. Which isn't too hard since Yuushin already has a soft-spot for Hiyori and truly admires all the hard work she puts into overcoming her shyness. Okay now lets move onto the art, which is very shoujo; girly and cute, but please don’t think it’s the common pointy chin and big eyed girls and skinny, feminine looking boys. The arts very smooth, I especially love how the artist does the character’s hair, I guess that sound odd but I think it’s an important part of the character and the way Yukimaru Moe does it is just charming. The eyes and clothing are pleasing too. The way she draws her more comic scenes are also quite nice, though honestly I don’t think its always the best and the art value seems to slip a little every now and then. But overall the art suites this kawaii heroine and plot. Its only major fault is that its currently ongoing, so you have to wait a bit for chapters, but trust me, the chapters that have already been released will make you fall in love with this shoujo manga. I also recommend watching the Hiyokoi OVA that covers chapter 1 of the manga, its adorable~

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