Thursday, November 8, 2012


      Hey it Miss Lee Minho, this is going to be a fast review its going to be about BOYFRIEND’S new Music Video JANUS.  This Video came out today November 8, 2012. I really enjoyed this video it is sooo different from other videos they have made and the song as well. This video isn’t a cute video like usual it’s more of a dark video and i lost my love so i am in pain music video. It just so different from what we are use to. But, even though it wasn’t cute it was still great they looked way more mature and grown up I thinks that’s what they are trying to do now. Then title of the Music Video is JANUS which as I was reading the comments they said that it’s a god that has 2 faces. The name obviously goes perfect with the music video because the twins were playing one person. Youngmin was dressed in white he was faking a smile as he was breaking away from his love and the other personality was Kwangmin who was wearing black he was in pain as he watched his love leave him. I felt that this music video was worth the watch I don’t think that any fans will be disappointed as they are watching it even though it’s a totally different style then what they usually do. I give this MV an 8/10 monohorns. I give it this rating because I didn’t like the song that much but I didn’t dislike it though it’s just not personally my favorite song and my favorite boyfriend which is Shim Hyunseong didn’t really come out a lot. I know he wasn’t the lead part of the video but he still didn’t get much camera time in the music video at all. But, besides that loved the video, if you seen it tell me what you thought and if you haven’t just click here and watch it YouTube/ Thanks for reading my review and have a great morning, day, or night.

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