Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oresama Teacher Review

Hello everyone! This is Seshiria-sempai clocking in ^_^
So today I will be talking about Oresama Teacher, one of my top mangas!
 Um, so this manga is about Kurosaki Mafuyu who is a former banchou who was caught by police and transferred to Midori Ga Oka Academy, a high school where she lives in an apartment alone. When she gets there Mafuyu tries to be girly since she has always been the manly tough girl before and she really wants to change and have a normal last couple of years in school. The story goes onto her experience at school with friends- and enemies- that she makes and of course the mysterious relationship with the teacher Saeki who she can't remember that much but she knows him from back in the day! So, she doesn't get her wish and she gets sucked in along with some other kids to help Saeki with a mission. Its a fun read and I like that Mafuyu is a strong female and that her experiences don't grate on my nerves. To make it better (for me) there is still that love(?) thing that with Saeki that is brought up just enough to keep my lovey dovey self from getting mush deprived and little enough that the story isn't a shoujo but more an actiony teen manga. Hope you guys were interested!
Clocking Out Now,
Seshiria-Sempia \(^_^)/

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