Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nobuta wo Produce review

                Hello its Miss Lee Minho today’s review is going to be a Japanese drama. The drama is called Nobuta Wo Produce. It started on October 15, 2005 through December 17, 2005. The drama is mostly a school type of drama. It’s about 21 minutes long so for a drama it is really short and there are about 10 episodes. What I’m going to talk about is the summary of it, the cast, and what I thought about it. I haven’t seen this drama in some time so I might not remember a lot about it.
                This drama is about this girl her name is Kotani Nobuko who is new in school. She is has no self confidence and always has her head down no matter what. The most popular guy in school which is Kiritani Shuji and his somewhat friend I think Kusano Akira decide they could change her and make her more outgoing as well as having a better style. They befriended her and tryed their best to change her but at the end they couldn’t really do it but they realized that they all became really good friends during this process. Even though she still is a bit shy she now has more confidence because of the great friends she made. There are many things that happen throughout this drama. There is a great cast that made this drama as good as it is.
                The cast first start off with Kamenashi Kazuya he was kiritani Shuji he is a jpop singer and comes out in the group Kat-tun. He sings, acts, and as I was reading is also a host I could be wrong or right. He has come out in dramas like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge that I have seen, Mr. Brain, Dragon Seinendan, and many more. His acting is not bad at all he obviously has experience in acting. Yamashita Tomohisa he played Kusano Akira he was born on April 9, 1985 he also sings. He has come out in dramas like Monster, Code Blue 1 and 2, Buzzer Beat, and many more. I fell in love with his character after this drama I had a fan crush towards him. He had this love for Nobuko that I just adored and he acting was great as well. Horikita Maki she played Kotani Nobuko she was born in October 6, 1988. She has come out in dramas such as Hanasakari no Kimitachi e, Atashinchi no Danshi which I seen both of those, Umechan Sensei, and many more a lot more. Her acting is good I haven’t really loved the dramas she has came out in I’m just not a big fan of her in general. Her character in this drama kind of annoyed me  sometimes but she did pretty well.  Other cast member are  Toda Erika as Uehara Mariko  Ukaji Takashi as Kiritani Satoru, Fukaura Kanako as Kiritani Nobuko,  Nakajima Yuto as Kiritani Koji,  Okada Yoshinori as Yokoyama Takeshi,  Kimura Yuichi as Sebastian,  Fuwa Mansaku as Iehara Yasuo ,Takuma Seiko as Kuroki Hiroko, Imawano Kiyoshiro as owner of the Gooyoku diner,   Takahashi Katsumi as Hirayama Ippei, and Natsuki Mari as Catherine.
                My thoughts of this drama are that I personally didn’t like it but didn’t hate it. The main girl sometimes annoyed me because she always had her head down ya I know she didn’t have high self esteem but I still wanted to see her face.  I wish there was some romance between the two main characters because I got the feeling that they liked each other towards the end but nothing ever happened that got me so mad. But, at the end I still enjoyed this drama I loved  Kusano Akira because he had this love for Kotani even though she was really shy he loved her for who she was. I think that’s why I just treasured his character and towards the end he expressed his feelings towards her somewhat. The whole meanings of this drama was mostly enjoying your friends, learning from them, and just always cherish them because they are the ones who are going to accept you for who you really are.
                I give this drama a 7 out of 10 Monohorns because something’s of this drama did get in my nervous and it’s not really my favorite drama but at the end I did enjoy it and I love the meaning of it. If you don’t want to see a drama that’s all about romance and want a break of that this drama is for you. You might love this drama by the end of it so check it out. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Please check out my other drama and some kpop reviews if you do I will love you forever hahaha.

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