Friday, December 28, 2012

Are you Alice?

Wonderland isn't the wonderland we always thought it was. A boy who gives up on his dreams gets lost in wonderland and is given the name of "Alice". In this game "Alice" has to kill the white rabbit and if that "Alice" fails to do so, another "Alice" would come and take the role. Every character in wonderland has a role and they all have to follow the rules and whatever the Queen of Hearts says goes or it's off with your head.
Many "Alices" have played the game to kill the white rabbit but they all have failed. The only one close to finishing the game was the 88th Alice but got trick by the Cheshire cats. Not only did the Cheshire cat trick the 88th Alice but he also gave the main character the role has the 89th Alice. Alice not only wants to know who he is but wants to end this crazy game.
This manga is pretty awesome. I love Alice in wonderland and I felt Ninomiya Ai did I really good job at creating a different wonderland. It was interesting since the beginning and I thought it was going to be all blood and killing but was wrong which is a good thing. The characters were awesome but yet I can't say much about who they are because all you know is their role but their past is unknown. That gives the reader more of a reason to read it because you want to know their past and how they came to be. Are you Alice? gets an 8/10 the story is awesome but it does take awhile to get to the point and sometimes I feel it could be shorter than it is but other than that I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Alice in Wonderland.
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