Sunday, December 23, 2012

If Her Tears Were the Snow

Happy Holidays~
Today I’ll be reviewing a oneshot called Kanojo no Maida gaa Yuki da Toshitara, a beautiful love story by Minamori Koyomi. Most oneshots I've read aren't very good, their art is messy or generic shoujo style and the stories are predictable and simple. There still entertaining but definitely aren't great. But this one is amazing and I absolutely love it.
The protagonist is Tougo, a first year in middle school, who plans to confess to his childhood friend Suzu. They've been together since they were babies and as he describes it, one day he simply realized that loving her was like breathing to him. He gives her an early notice to his confession, telling her his going to confess to him tomorrow so to meet him at the shrine tomorrow at 5pm if she wants him as a boyfriend. Tougo truly cherishes her and even goes to great lengths to give her the “snowy day” she’s always dreamed of. He hangs a confetti-ball in a tree and plans to pull it before he confesses. But while setting it up, he falls from the tree and hits his head, during his last few moments of consciousness, he sees Suzu crying. He wakes up in a hospital bed and parents tell him he's been in a coma for the past 4 years. Though it takes a while to accept this fact, as soon as he does he goes to Suzu at her high school to finish the confession. She cries from joy when she sees him and hugs him, but lets go when her boyfriend arrives. Things have changed in the last 4 years…
I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I will tell you I cried; when I finished I couldn't believe a oneshot had actually made me cry, how attached I’d gotten to the hot-headed and blunt Tougo.
Then the arts just lovely, much better than other oneshots. The expressions of the characters are drawn gently, especially whenever someone cries. The scenes themselves were kind and soft, having a sort of charm that fit the story perfectly.
I highly recommend you take the time to read the story of Tougo’s cute and painful first love. 

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