Friday, December 21, 2012

Bokura ga ita Movie Review

    Hello its Miss Lee Minho, todays review is going to be Bokura ga ita. It is a Japanese movie based on the famous manga and anime with the same name. The first part of the movie came out in March 17, 2012 and it's 121 minutes long. The second part of the movie came out in Apirl 21, 2012 and it is also 121 minutes long. In this review I'm going to say the summary, the cast, and my opinion of the overall movie.                                              
  The movie is based on Motoharu Yano and Yuriko Yoshitaka. It is a coming to age story. It goes through how they both fell in love with each other. The problems they have and the problems that Yano has doesn't let them be together happily. They go through many bumps together and separate. But, at the end do they end up being with each other? You have to see both movies to find out. 
  The cast includes Toma Ikuta who plays Motoharu Yano. He was born in October 7,1984. He has come out in dramas like Hana Kimi, Voice, Devil, and many more. He also has come out in movies like Brain Man ( Coming out next year), Hanamizuki, and more. He is my favourite Japanese actor especially after seeing this movie. He acts so perfectly I saw him in Hana Kimi there his character was a funny one but in this movie he was serious and he was able to do it well. I hope he gets more roles like this I will enjoy them very much. Yuriko Yoshitaka played Nanami Takahashi, she was born on July 22, 1988. She has come out in dramas like Vampire prosecuter , The reason I can't Find My Love, and much more. She has come out in movies like A Story of Yonosuke ( Coming out next year), Himizu, and a lot more. She was freaking adorable. I felt that she was so perfect and innocent looking for this role. I loved her!!!! Sousuke Takaoke plays Masafumi Takeuchi, he was born on February 8, 1982. He has come in such dramas like Rookies, Real Clothes, and more. He has come out in Movies like Route 42 (Coming out next year), The Millennial Rapture, and more. I liked his character but I just felt so bad for him because he fell in love with Takahashi who never loved him. I just wanted to be next to his character and say its okay you don't need her hahaha but overall he did a fantastic job. Yuki Motokariya played Yuri Yamamoto she was born in September 8, 1987. She has came out in dramas like Soko o Nantoka, Suitei Yuza, and more. She has came out in movies like CM Time, Wild 7, and more. Her character I freaking hate. She doesn't understand ever that Yano doesn't like and practically ruined his life as well. She acted very very well as the antagonist because I ended up hating her so much. The rest of the cast were Manami Higa as Akiko Sengenji, Tasuku Emoto as Atsushi, Ayaka Komatsu as Nana Yamamoto, Risa Sudo as Ayaka Takeuchi, Yumi Asou as Yoko Yano, Yukari Taki, Yurie Midori, Kumi Imura, Yorie Yamashita, Aya Enjoji, Toru Nomaguchi, Yu Kamio, Hayato Matsunaga, and Narumi Akizuki.
     I really don't think that there was anything badly made about this movies. For me everything was perfect. The parts that I mostly love was the part they were at yano's house you see that his shirt is of already because he thinks that they are going to have sex. I also, like the part that she gets down on her knees and tells yano something really nice I cant remember what but she was doing what the man is suppose to do and I felt so proud to be a women when she did that. But, I guess what got me mad was that it was a struggle for both of them to end up together. But, that's what made me love this movie and made it different from other movies and dramas because it didn't come easy for them. 
    I give this drama a 10 out of 10 monhorns it was perfectly made and I don't have anything bad to say about it. If you want a romantic coming to age story this is it and if you are a couple wanting to see a movie please watch this one. If you are trying to find the movie but cant find it please press the link in the bottom. Thank you for reading my review please go ahead and check out my other drama, movies, and music video reviews.dramacrazy/

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