Saturday, July 20, 2013

Heart no kuni no Alice

Heart no kuni no Alice (Alice in country of hearts) by Quinrose tells the story of Alice first time in wonderland. Lorina (sister) wakes up Alice from her nap and Alice tells her she had a strange dream about rules for a game. Alice sees her sister as very elegant and every man would fall in love with women like her. Feeling uneasy with the though. Alice ask Lorina what's she's reading and Lorina tells Her she's reading a fairy tale about a girl who follows a white rabbit down into wonderland. Alice asked about the ending and didn't seem to like it all that much. Stating she wouldn't like the book very much. Lorina says let's play a game and Alice starts to get drowsy. Lorina goes and gets cards while Alice starts to fall asleep, she then sees a white rabbit with clothes. Instead of following the rabbit she closes her eyes. The rabbit knowing she was supposed to follow him turns into a human and takes her to wonderland. Once they landed Alice asked where she was and the white rabbit later know as Peter White tells her she's in wonderland. Alice wondered how he knew her name and states that he's in love with her. Alice wanting to go home but was told she couldn't and now she has to drink the potion of hearts against her will. She tried to move but couldn't and tells him that no one will ever like him. Peter then says the game would be boring if it was easy. He then kisses her and passes the potion of hearts, she could then move and is told she has to participate in the game. Let the game begin. 

 Heart no kuni no Alice is a manga that was well made. It's based on games of the same name and even if I haven't played them but I've seen videos of it. It looks very similar to them. Threw out the story you don't know who she will end up with and if she would ever remember memories of Peter before she was taken to wonderland. All the characters were well develop, they all had traits that people would and wouldn't like. I like many of the characters and haven't come across a character I didn't like. The art fit how the story was being told and the way they acted as well. Heart no kuni no Alice gets a 7 out of 10. I love the characters but getting towards the ending it doesn't answer many of the question that went through the story. I felt it needed more but since I haven't read the other series, the answers might be told there.

This is the start of a series on a different take on Alice. It's a cute story that Alice fan should read and people who are new with manga and anime. This is a great start. I will read the other series and will give my thoughts but until then this is undeadwolfgirlhinata signing off.

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