Friday, July 26, 2013

Perfect Girl Evolution

Perfect girl evolution by Tomoko Hayakawa tells a story about a girl name Sunako who tells her crush, her feelings for him but gets rejected and is called ugly. From that day on Sunako gave up on beauty. Her aunt feeling worried for her has four beautiful boys (Kyohei, Takenaga, Yukinojo aka Yuki, Ranmaru) live with Sunako in her mansion. If the four boys transforms Sunako into a perfect lady they will then get free rent. Focus on getting free rent they will do anything to transform Sunako even if she doesn't want to be change. They now start a long and hard journey trying to transform a girl who won't change even if life depended on it.

I loved this manga since it started it has made me laugh and cheered me up when I was feeling down. One word describes Sunako and that word is badass! She is my favorite character and by far one of the only female characters I could stand and like. Sunako is the type of person I want to be. She's strong and straight forward and could kick some ass. She's obsessed with darkness, horror movies, blood, and anything dark. I love how she calls beautiful things "creatures of light" and gets nosebleeds when ever she sees one. Kyohei is hard headed, very popular and cool. He could fight and only cares to get free rent or the lowest amount required. Even if he says that's the only thing he cares for you could see he does care for Sunako. Takenaga is the smartest out of the group. He's caring, shy, and the only one who doesn't run away much from Sunako's morbid habits. Takenaga came from a wealthy family of flower masters. He was sent to the mansion to become a little more "normal" because of the pressure of becoming the heir he started to ignored everyone. Yuki  is gently and is the most afraid of Sunako when they first met. He's cute, very shy and the one who has to dress up as a girl whenever they need it. When it comes down to my favorite of the guys Yuki is my second favorite. I could see him as a little kid who gets easily scared of things that look scary. I always end up saying "aww" whenever he does something I find cute. Last but not least Ranmaru, Ranmaru is my least favorite but it isn't because he's a playboy. Ranmaur's personality is like those guys who think their so beautiful and whenever a "ugly" girl is around they break out or try to get away from them as soon as possible. He came from a wealthy family and as Takenaga he's parents sent him there to become more "normal".  

All the characters bring something to the story unlike other mangas where you could take away a character and nothing will change. In this manga you have the character who doesn't give a crap even if that's not true, the playboy, the cute one, the smart one, and the one who doesn't want to change. All their personalities are balance and not one character is more out shine than the others. Perfect girl evolution gets a 10 out of 10. I like all  the characters even if their personalities aren't the greatest. They still in some way make me like them. The art work isn't the best but the story is what sales this manga not the art. The art could be overlooked by the story being told. Anyone could read this and get a kick out of it.
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