Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Not Like That, Darling review

It's Not Like that, Darling by Nagae Tomomi tells a story of a college student (Maiko Ninomiya) who gets into a car crash the year before and had to get blood transfusion. Lately Maiko has been having sexual dreams with an unknown guy she has never met before. At one point in her day after having another one of her dreams she bumps into the unknown guy that's in her dreams. This guy so happen to be the famous writer Yukiya Nagase. Every time she gets near him or even is touched by him her heart starts to beat fast but she doesn't know why. She follows him around until a little boy bumps into him and he pats the boy's head while she starts to cry. He finds her and all she says is Touya. He takes her to a cafe and ask why she is looking up his personal information. Maiko tells him about seeing him in her dreams but he doesn't believe her at first until she was about to get into another crash and he saves her. Yukiya takes her to his house and shows a picture of him and a girl (Haruka). She notices that same girl help called the ambulance and donated blood. She wanted to thank her but couldn't reach her and he tells Maiko she's dead. He believes those dreams she keeps having are those of Haruka. He then tells her to come live with him and he will take responsibly of her. Maiko now has to find a way to not let Haruka feelings get the best of her.

It's Not Like That, Darling is a very cutesy manga that I had fun reading it. Maiko was an interesting character from the beginning. She won't let anyone mess with her friends and even tries to save animals at the risk of her own life. She doesn't think before she acts but she does try her best to do things she believes is right. She is the one who gives us the humor in this manga. Her trying to resist Yukiya but Haruka is to powerful for her to handle but tries to overcome it. Yukiya in the other hand is like any other male lead. Famous, has a fan base that if anyone gets too near him they'll hurt them and loves messing around with her. He's a kind guy but could be selfish at times. There really isn't anything that makes him different from other male leads in shojo mangas other than he's kind to her most of the time. Touya is a very cute little kid that brings both characters together and if he wasn't in the story it won't be as great as it is. The art style isn't to bad and the story isn't to bad either. The thing that makes this manga worth checking out is because of the characters. It's Not Like That, Darling gets an 7 out of 10. Any fan of shojo would love this manga from the beginning. It's not a very long series either only 14 chapters which I love, it doesn't drag on like other shojo mangas that should of ended chapters ago.  
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