Friday, August 23, 2013

Heroes of cosplay episode 2

I may be two to three days late on this but I don't know how to start my next review and decide to talk about the whole thing that happen in the second episode in Heroes of cosplay. You meet three new cosplayers in the show (Riki LeCotey, Monika Lee, and Chloe Dykstra). It's the same like episode one just some cosplayers from the first one don't come out (Jessica, Holly, and Becky). It's still has the same level of annoyance but this episode had more drama than the first. After this episode aired a lot of people started hating on Yaya which I felt wasn't right. Yaya wasn't the one who brought up the whole only "skinny or pretty" (I think that's how it went) people could cosplay it was Riki. Most of them agreed to it and Chloe was the one defending that anyone could cosplay. Yaya in the other hand wasn't against it or for it. All she said is you have to look at you're body and see what goes with you and what does not. That didn't mean she was against it or anything you just have to know you're limit. Some of this may be made up and some may not.

Should it matter what they think? Not really they may be known in the cosplay world but what they say shouldn't bother you. Let them think what they think and just move on. There's no rules in cosplay and no one should get hated for what they believe even if it is pretty messed up just ignore it. Dress up whatever character you want and if that character shows more skin than you feel comfortable with than just cover it and make it you're own. Cosplay is not all about showing skin and being sexy it's all about the fun in it. You could show skin and everything but in a couple of years or so would it still work out? Would people still be interested in you? Who knows but don't be afraid to dress up or be mad just because of what they say. Be proud of who you are and don't let anyone stop you from cosplaying or just starting. 

I do have to say Chloe is another cosplayer I like. She's a cool person that does it for the fun of it and nothing else. They still don't show Jesse much which is a shame. From these two episode he's really the only cosplayer where most of the time you see him doing his costume which is awesome! I may not make costumes myself but might start sometime soon I do love seeing people create their work of art. Even in my first review of this show I still believe there should be more than just one guy. I've seen some amazing guy cosplayers out there. I'm still in the same when it comes down to this show I'll watch it when nothing else is better on.
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P.s. Sorry if I went overboard or repeated myself in the whole cosplay things. I got really into >.<
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