Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kanojo Wa Kannou Shousetsuka Review

Shiina Keisuke is in love with the world of erotic novels. Joining the business as an editor, Shiina wants to become the editor for Kuroki Chihiro (Their Marquee author). Her being the reason why he got into the world of erotic novels but no one would want to work for Kuroki since she could be a devil to work with. Shiina would now have the bitter and sweet journey of working with his favorite author and dealing with all the crazy things he will have to do for her.

When reading this manga for the first time I thought it was going to just deal with the sex and s&m that would go on in her novels but I was complete wrong. It has bits and pieces of her story but it's more focus on the relationship between Shiina and Kuroki and how working together grows them as a person and their work. Shiina is a cool guy wanting his favorite author Kuroki to grow more and more with her stories and make her better than she already is. He's an idiot but knows what's best for his author and would go great lengths to help her in anyway. Kuroki is pretty cool herself, she doesn't take anyone's crap and would even hurt you if you go against her will. She does have a kind heart but knowing a kind heart when it comes down to work might not take you very far if you let yourself get pushed around a lot. She does things that would make her happy not just to please her fans with just pure sex and nothing else. Kanojo Wa Kannou Shousetsuka by Goto Akira gets an 7 out of 10 love the characters and the art's pretty good. I do feel some chapters do go on to long. This manga I don't mind it going long because it doesn't drag like others that you know they should have ended and are just annoying at that point. Anyone could read this manga it does have it's funny parts but it's a manga with a story and not one of those that you have read before and find no point in reading it.
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