Monday, September 16, 2013

Momoiro Heaven review

Shiina Momoko seems to be like your average teenage girl but with a dark secret. She secretly is an erotic novelist but not cause she wanted to but she had no other choice. Her father was an erotic novelist going under the pen-name of Aihara George, after his death he left a large amount of debt and her mother ended up in the hospital. Her father's editor came and told Momoko how he heard from her father how talented of a writer she was that he asked if she could finish his manuscript. She will get paid and would use her father's pen-name since his death wasn't made public. Momoko agreed and since then she has been writing novels to pay off her dad's debt and her mother's bills. Everything was going great with Momoko until the famous model Ranmaru starts to attend the school she goes to. Feeling tired she goes to the nurse's office but finds no one and decides to take a nap in the floor. Finally waking up she hears Ranmaru and the English teacher about to have sex. Not knowing what to do she sits there and watches until her phone goes off. Momoko tries to answer it as quick as possible but Ranmaru and the teacher hear. The teachers leaves quick while Ranmaru takes care of the peeping tom. Finding Momoko and complaints to her he tells her to take responsibility but just ends up running away and drops her student id. Not knowing what to write for her extra story she uses Ranmaru and the teacher as her storyline only changing their names thinking no high school student would read it but was wrong. The next day one of her classmates brings in the story and tells everyone the story definitely is about Ranmaru and the English teacher. Ranmaru knowing she had something to do with it. Goes to her house and learns she's an erotic novelist going to expose her to the whole school the next day but changes his mind after Momoko's little brother tells him why she is doing this line of work. He then tells her he won't expose her secret if she becomes his slave.

Momoiro Heaven is a bit different from other stories that have similar plots. Momoko didn't choose this line of work because she wanted to but because she needed to pay off bills and debts. Most mangas that relate to this type of manga the main character is a virgin while the love interest is not. It's the same with this manga but the differences with this one is even if you know she's going to fall in love with Ranmaru at one point she doesn't give it up to him even with all those times he tries to have sex with her. Most mangas the main character just wants to have sex even on the first date which gets annoying. Momoko in the other hand does not which is awesome. She doesn't think of sex all that much and focuses more on what's important to her which is her family. Ranmaru in the other hand is pretty much the same has other love interest. He's a player, popular and does anything he can to help her when she's in trouble. When Momoko and Ranmaru are together there's humor in there and at times you do what to end up slapping Ranmaru for being an idiot at times but both characters are likable. Momoiro Heaven by Yoshino Mari gets an an 8 out of 10. The story is great but it does take forever for it to update and at times even I forgot about this manga until I see it update in the site I go to. This manga isn't annoying as other mangas that have almost the same plot. Anyone could check this manga out they don't show much nudity from what I remember but I am warning you if you check it out don't be surprise that it rarely updates.
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