Sunday, September 2, 2012

Idol pretender

Chinami's girl form
Idol pretender is an ecchi manga by Harnse Hiroki. I always have a fun time reading this manga. It starts out with our main character Eita Chinami aiming to be a man among men to impress the girl he's in love with(Yuika). Feeling sick his roommate Oguri tells him to go drink medicine and go to sleep. Getting a bottle that he thought was the right medicine he drinks it and wakes up as a girl. Not knowing whats going on his roommate tells him the only way he could change back to normal is to buy the very expensive medicine again. The fastest way to do so, is to become an idol. Idol pretender is a really goofy and fun manga to read. Seeing how Chinami reacts when he realizes that he's becoming more of a girl each day. Makes me feel bad for the guy but I can't help but laugh at it. Chinami is a very caring and sweet guy even if he wants to be the man among men. He is a character who aims at something and doesn't change his mind even if people or objects get in his way. But Chinami himself is the one who is truly standing in front of his own goal. Chinami's other big problem is Yuika the girl he's in love with. Yuika herself is an idol, who has fallen in love with Chinami as a girl. She questions herself in a couple of chapter but aims to make Chinami fall in love with her. Now Chinami has another thing to worried about. Idol pretender gets a 10/10 I love this story even if it maybe cheesy or stupid the characters are what make me love this manga.
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