Sunday, September 2, 2012

Usotsuki parabox

Japanese cover to volume 1

Usotsuki paradox is an 18+ manga by Satou Nanki. The story starts out with a young man by the name of Youkadou who's in love with his coworker Seiyuu. Seiyuu is in a long distance relationship but agrees to become friends with benefits with Youkadou under one condition they can never have sex. Coming into this manga I thought she would forget about the whole condition and just go have sex with him in the first couple of chapters but I was wrong. Reading this manga you could see how much the main character is in love but at the same time it seems all he wants is sex. Seiyuu seems like the nice caring girl but at the same time she's using Youkadou for her own selfish deeds. Seeing how the characters are falling more for each other makes it sad because we already know they could never truly be together. At the end you just want Youkadou to find someone else who could stay and love him as well as Seiyuu staying with her boyfriend. Seiyuu is just a chick I want to go up to a slap for being an idiot for agreeing to something that will cause emotional problems for both characters, but at times I want to slap Youkadou as well. What I love about this manga is that it's something that could happen in real life unlike other romance stories were at the end they magically end up together. I'm giving Usotsuki paradox an 6/10 feeling annoyed at times wanting Seiyuu to just leave her boyfriend and go with Youkadou. But also understanding what their going through and relating to their problems. Usotsuki paradox has an okay art style but it's a manga you could relate to if you ever loved someone and knew they could never be yours.
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