Sunday, August 4, 2013

Say I love you

Mei is a 16 year old girl who has no friends and has never had a boyfriend in her life. She is always bullied and has never spoken or gotten close to anyone in school. One day Mei is walking up the stairs as Yamato, the most popular guy in school, is walking right behind her and his friend as a joke was going to pull her skirt up. Not caring who it was she kicked Yamato in the face. Every girl at school yelled at her telling her he wasn't the one while Yamato was amazed by it. Later on in the day someone wrote her a letter for what she had done saying she should go apologize since he wasn't the one who did it. Yamato came to her and told her it wasn't him but his friend. Mei seeing he had a scrape on his hand gave him a band-aid. Yamato finding Mei an interesting person asked her for her number but she declined saying friends only betray you. Yamato then gave her his number to call him whenever she needs him. One day one of the customers where Mei works at was following her. Feeling scared she called home but no one answer so the next best thing  was to call Yamato and ask for help. Yamato came to help her and the way he did so was to kiss her. The man left and Mei was surprised not knowing what to do since it was her first kiss. Yamato apologized for not knowing that was her first kiss but she knew it was to help get rid of the man. Yamato now has Mei's number and a interesting journey of hardship and love would beginning.

Say I love you is a good and realistic manga about love and relationships. It shows the journey of a girl who has no friends and falls in love but yet has no clue about what love is and shows the obstacles she goes through being in a relationship. Mei is a character anyone can relate to when you have fallen in love for the first time even to the love you have now. She may be a plain character but she isn't afraid to speak her own mind. Yamato is a guy who at first was just interested in her but then starts to care for her and won't force her to do anything against her will. He's those good guys that people look for but is still new to relationships himself.

Hazuki Kanae does a really good job at creating characters who have done something in their past that people could relate to and doesn't overreact what they go through. The art style isn't the worst I've seen but not the greatest either but with this story I don't pay much attention to the art; all I care about is the story and that's it. Say I love you gets an 8/10. Anyone could read this manga and might end up loving it. You might be into action, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. but you could find this one interesting because you could relate to these characters. Say I love you is one of those mangas I like even if I'm not much into romance.
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