Friday, August 9, 2013

RWBY episode 1 review

When I finished watching RWBY my first words where "this isn't too bad". The animation isn't the best and at times when the characters are speaking the mouth doesn't move until seconds later. When they are fighting it's amazing but when their not it isn't so great. What made me love this show wasn't the story all that much it was more of the action. It's beautifully made and I could look at it for hours. Another thing I have a problem with is the voice acting. It isn't the greatest but it's not the worst I've heard either. It annoys me at times but the fighting makes up for it. What I like that they kept from the trailers is the main characters or the ones involved in the story are the only ones colored while the rest are all in black and white. It makes you focus more on the main characters than the background characters. I've had times when I looked at background characters more than the main characters that were on screen. I had no problem with this one which is good for people who do that as well. The ending credits were awesome. That was one of my favorite parts from watching this show. Even if this is a show I wish rooster teeth will make this into a video game. It already has the video game vibe and this story line and how they are showcasing it fits more of a video game than anything.I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this. They don't even need to make a trailer for it they have it with the ending credits and the four trailers of red, white, black, and yellow. I really hope this happens sometime in the future.
Until then this is undeadwolfgirlhinata signing off    

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