Monday, July 29, 2013

Ore ga akuma de, aitsu ga yome de review

Ore ga akuma de, aitsu ga yome de (I'm the devil, she's my wife) by Aruma rumi tells a story of a little orphan girl name Uika who just wishes to have a family. Anzamnia (Anzam for short) is a fallen angel who has yet made a contract with any humans unlike the other demons. Focusing only on getting famous people the guard keeper throws him into Japan were he falls when Uika prays that one day someone will take her away from the orphanage. Anzam forms a contract with her and asked what her wish is she beg him to marry her. Now married Anzam has to deal with the pain of being married.

Ore ga akuma de, aitsu ga yome de is a very cute and sweet little story of a marriage with one party was happy to be marriage while the other party isn't. Uika isn't my favorite character but she's so cute I just wanna hug her. She at times reminds me of myself and how I am in my relationship. She's very innocent and cares for others more than herself. Her feelings may get hurt when she finds out Anzam likes girls with big chest but she doesn't make a big deal about it. Anzam is my favorite character he wants to be the best but always ends up failing. He also reminds me of my boyfriend some times. He may treat Uika bad at times but he really does love and cares for her. Bring back the girls with big chest thing yes Uika was depress and didn't do much like cook for them but Anzam ended up cheering her up. He may use the whole I'll divorce you card but he would never actually do it. He's a very kind and sweet guy who wants people to appreciate him and accept him the way he is. The secondary characters add more to the story and make the main characters more interesting. I love all the character except the guard keeper she's a big meanie but these characters make me love this manga more than I could have.

Ore ga akuma de, aitsu ga yome de (I'm the devil, she's my wife) gets a 9.5 out of 10. I love this story but I felt it ended too soon. The ending was cute but I wish there was more. Hopefully the author makes a extra chapter on how their lives ended up when she got older. It would bring a even sweeter ending to this cute story. If your a very big shojo fan you have to read this manga it's a must read.
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