Friday, August 2, 2013

49 days review

49 days tells a story about a girl name Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) who is excited to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho ( Bae Soo Bin), but that all changes when she gets into a car accident and left in a coma. This was not her fate and was giving a second chance by a reaper, Song Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo),. He gave her 49 days to get three teardrops from three people outside her family who cry out of pure love for her. If she gets these three teardrops she will live again but if she doesn't she'll die and go to heaven. She has to take on a body of a girl name Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo-won Who was the one who actually cause the whole car crash. After the death of her boyfriend Yi kyung found no point in living anymore. Ji Hyun takes over her body when she's asleep and leaves when she wakes up. Ji Hyun thought this little journey would be easy but once it started she was wrong. 

49 days is a very truthful but sad drama. Ji Hyun is very pretty and at times reminds me of a doll. She is very cheerful and innocent who is unknown of the real world. Once she took over Yi Kyung body she learns little by little that her life isn't has perfect as she thought it was. Seeing Yi Kyung and how her life became after the death of her boyfriend is very sad. She could have anything gun or knife pointed at her and she wouldn't do anything you could see in her face that she doesn't want to live anymore. At times it's hard to watch I just want to go into the drama and talk to her and tell her that even if he is gone that you should move on and be happy because that would be what he would want for you. She reminds me so much of a robot. Yi Soo is a pretty cool character and by far my favorite of the series. He could be serious but he also brings in the humor in the drama. He may not care much about humans but he does have a soft spot for Ji Hyun. He would help her whenever she was in need. I really wanted them to end up to together but since he's a reaper and she's still alive that it wouldn't happen but I would have loved that. I never did liked Min Ho I always thought there was something he was up to and at the end I was right. But he did look like those type of guys that people call the "perfect" guy even if they aren't close to perfect at all.

I really love this drama it showed how the real world really is. You may think all your friends love you to death but at the end it's not even true. There will only be few people who would truly cry for you and all the people you may think are the ones it might not even be them. This drama is a real mind opening to me. It showed me that in this world there isn't many people who love you that aren't blood related to you. You could live in this world were you think everyone your friends or the one your dating loves you but in reality only half or less really did truly love you and will shed pure tears for you. 49 days get a 10 out of 10. The story is beautifully told and the acting is amazing. You could relate to almost all the characters. Ji Hyun when you first go out to the real world and its not what you thought it will be, Yi Kyung when you lost someone you love and you just can't get over it, Yi Soo when you don't care for anything until you find that one person that changes the way you are and Min ho when you thought you found the perfect one and at the end it was all a lie. Everyone should give this drama a shot because you could learn something even if you may not want to. It's a drama I want all my friends and family to watch at least once in their life. It's one of those dramas that would truly amaze you at the end.This is undeadwolfgirlhinata signing off            

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