Saturday, August 3, 2013

RWBY: Red trailer thoughts

I know I'm a little late since the first three episode are out but my sister just showed me this trailer telling me its inspired by anime. I had to check it out and from what I saw its heavily based off anime. The art style, the way they move and the way they fight is like an anime. I must say it doesn't look quite bad. I love how Red looks I think she's a total bad-ass from what the trailer showed. Red also doesn't show much skin which is a little different from most animes (not saying all) the girl is somewhat half naked all the time. I'm not against it or anything but it does get annoying if she's a fighter and has hardly any clothes. It's like how are you going to protect yourself if you have no armor or clothes? Anyways I would love to dress up like Red and I might. The trailer did go a little to long I felt it should of stop when it hit one minute but that's all I have against it. From this trailer I will check out the first episode of RWBY.
P.s. I'll give my thoughts about the other three trailers
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