Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heroes of cosplay

Heroes of cosplay is a reality show that airs on the syfy channel starting on Tuesday the 13th. It shows the lives of cosplayers (Yaya Han, Victoria Schmidt, Becky Young, Jessica Merizan, Holly Conrad, and Jesse Lagers) getting their costumes ready for a competition. When seeing the trailer to this I wasn't all that interested in it at all. I actually wasn't planning to watch it but I had nothing to do once Face off ended and left it on and watched it. In the first couple of minutes I was already annoyed by most of the cosplayers they showed. Most of the time they just complained and whined the whole time when their costume wasn't done and even after it was done they still complained. At one point in the show I really wanted to punch all the girls in the face and tell them to shut up. The two that annoyed me the most where Jessica and Holly. Even if I wasn't interested in this show I thought the show was going to be about them just working on their costume and giving the viewers tips but I was way off. The show focuses more on their social life than them making their own costume. You see them working on it here and there but most of the time you see them out having fun.

Jesse Lagers is the only cosplayer I'm liking so far in the show but they hardly show him. I feel they don't show him a lot because he doesn't complain all that much. Knowing it's a reality show I bet they complain to get views and some drama could be made up. If they cut off the whole drama I would actually like this show. Every reality show doesn't need to have drama in it. Just because it has drama doesn't make the show worth watching or any good. I may not be the only person that hates this show because of the way they act but if they show more on how they create their costumes and show the fun in it then it would be more interesting and more people would want to watch it. I wish they had more guy cosplayers than just one. There's many guy cosplayers that are famous too but I know girls are more known but that shouldn't be the reason why they can't have more than one guy.

Heroes of cosplay isn't what I thought it was. It's just like any other reality show filled with drama and annoying people. This didn't show the fun in cosplay at all. It showed people putting themselves under pressure, caring only about themselves, and how spoiled they are. Would I watch Heroes of cosplay again? Yeah if there isn't anything better on. But these cosplayers except Jesse showed me don't wait a week before the competition to start on you're costume. It'll just end up bad or you won't even finish.

Go out and have fun cosplaying don't stress yourself out thinking you're not good enough. Do it because you want to at the end you could only make yourself happy :).
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