Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nozoki Ana review

Nozoki Ana by Honna Wakou tells a story of a college student Kido tatsuhiko who has a hole in the wall of his apartment room. Him and he's friend look through the hole but can't see anything in the other side. They start drinking and pass out at some point. Kido wakes up and sees light coming through the hole. He then looks through the hole and sees his next door neighbor (Ikuno Emiru) touching herself and she notices him. Freaking out Kido tries to wake up his friend but can't. Kido goes and knocks on his neighbor's door telling her about the hole in the wall. She opens the door but tries closing it as faster as possible but he forces himself in there and lands on top of her. She takes a picture and tells him the only way she will erase the picture is if he agrees to "show each other". He doesn't want to but is blacked mailed to do so. On monday, wednesday, and friday are the days he could peep on her while tuesday, thursday, and saturday are her days. Sunday they take a break from it. Kido now has to follow these peep rules or his life would turn upside down.

This was an interesting manga to read. I have never read a manga or seen an anime that is based on peeping. There's peeping in mangas and anime but that isn't what it's based on. It's an interesting but weird topic that I haven't seen before. Kido is a really nice guy that I wouldn't mind hanging out with. He's not all about the sex. He wants to respect the women he's around with and not look like a pervert. He's character keeps growing more and more after bad things happen to him. Emiru is an interesting and strange character. You could hardly know what she is thinking of and sometimes it feels like she could see right through you. She hardly shows any emotion which makes you want to learn more about her. After a few chapters in I wanted to know if she was always like this or if something bad happen to her. I think she's one reason why I keep on reading the manga and have been enjoying it.

Nozoki ana is a well made manga with an interesting story line. The art style is good and the style fits the tone of the story. The characters fit well together even if they are completely different from each other. Nozoki ana get an 8 out of 10. I get happy when it updates but I do feel it ran a little to long but it's still worth checking out.
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