Sunday, August 18, 2013

JD Relic English cover of Lucifer by Shinee

I don't normally talk about music but I can't stop listening to this English cover by JD Relic. He is an amazing singer and I just can't stop listening to any of the covers he has done. I first started listening to him back in 2011 but only listened to his covers of Super Girl by Super Junior M and Heartbeaker by G-Dragon. A couple of months ago I stop listening to K-pop and he's covers but recently I got back into it. I started to listen to Super Girl and decide to check out his new and old stuff I have yet listen too. After listening to Lucifer I couldn't stop. I would replay it over and over again and I'm still not tried of it whatsoever.
I did listen to his cover before listening to the original version of Lucifer but after a couple of times listening to he's cover over and over again I finally listened to it. It's a good song in English and Korean. I just wanna learn Shinee dance moves but at time when I sing along to the Korean version I sing it in English instead. Which sucks but I do love both versions equally. JD Relic could make some of the best covers ever!! He keeps the beat the same and yes he does have to change some words to the song but he makes it fit. Here's his youtube channel to check out more of his awesome covers 

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