Saturday, August 3, 2013

RWBY: Black trailer thoughts

The trailer to Black remind me more of a cut scene for a video game than for a trailer to a cartoon. It was well made and I could picture this whole trailer for a video game I would so buy. Black was a bad-ass like White and Red so now I can't wait to see Yellow. I love her outfit as well and I just thought of dressing up as all four after seeing this. It's also too long that could have been cut down as the other two trailers. Once her and the guy defect the robots and they open up a box that's when it should of ended but it kept dragging on. The voice acting in this trailer isn't too bad. I do like the guy's voice but
the girl she could of been better. And I keep noticing more and more that the background art reminds me a lot of a water printing. Rooster teeth should make this cartoon into a video game. It would be awesome and I would so totally buy it.
Next is yellow and then I'll give my thoughts on the first episode
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