Saturday, August 3, 2013

RWBY: White trailer thoughts

White trailer was slow at first but then it started to speed up after she starts to fight the man in the armor. I didn't notice it must in the Red trailer but that's how it started as well. It was beautifully made but when she's not fighting you could see the animation isn't the greatest. Is it just me or does she kind of remind you of Hatsune Miku? I also think White is a bad-ass but I do love Red more. I'm thinking about dressing up as white as well. This also had the same problem the Red trailer had. It was to long and it could of be cut down. This trailer started when she was singing and then she started fighting and it kept going back and fourth. But with this trailer it should have stop once she got hurt. It would have left you off wondering what happen to her or did she defect the man in armor? I do love how it somewhat looks like a silhouette. It brings more of the beauty into the trailer and it makes you focus more on the characters than in the surrounding which is a plus because at times I looks more at the background than at the characters.
Two more are left and I will give my thoughts on the first episode
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