Friday, August 16, 2013

Still Alive and Kicking

Hello everyone! This is Senshiria-sempai (hold for gasps) and yes I am alive and well and feeling very guilty for being non existent on the blog. I've decided to take on the duty of editing posts and therefore be more behind the stage and whatnot but as I've gone through the posts I've noticed that as always undeadwolfgirlhinata posts about everything but shoujo. I know she's not a fan of the genre so I',m probably gonna try to put in some reviews on shoujo mangas and dramas! As a new thing I'm gonna try to post some fashion stuff like lolita, harajuku,and of course cosplay! Hope y'all are interested and stay posted for those things in the up coming weeks. 
Signing out, Seshiria-sempai

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